Sunday, February 14, 2010

At the Beginning

As a little girl, I loved studying and wrapping myself in my great grandmother's scrappy quilts. Each fabric was fascinating, and I was amazed by how she could put together these seemingly random bits of fabric to create something so beautiful. Not only that, her quilts reminded me of all that is good in the world--things like flowers, fresh baked bread, a grandparent's hug, and Disneyland. (Okay, when you're five years old, Disneyland is pretty darn good!)

It was many years later (around 1995) that I finally decided to make my own quilt. I wanted the quilt to be a tribute to that lovely woman. Although my great grandmother used a sewing machine to piece, she quilted by hand. Wanting to feel in touch with my pioneer women ancestors, I began hand-piecing the quilt above. (I'm not as practical as my great grandmother.) I got the pattern out of Traditional Quiltworks. It took me several years to complete, and yet, I think my great grandmother would have been pleased.


  1. That quilt is lovely! Wow, you didn't just pick any easy thing to start off with, did you? Look at those angles, and all hand-pieced! A testament to your patience and determination, no doubt. Very cool!

  2. yes, Michelle, your grandmother would be very very proud of you and your quilting. it is beautiful indeed.
    is that done by EPP?
    i like the kite shape. the right angles to give lots of variation to the final layout.
    you did a fantastic job on this one. great colours too. they remind me of giant peonys. jeanne-nzl*


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