Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday Miscellaneous

Moving Disarray:

The picture pretty much speaks for itself.

We spend a lot of time asking each one another where various items are located and whether or not said item has already been packed.  We're at ten days and counting.

You can see more packed boxes behind Marko.  Unlike the rest of us, he's totally unconcerned. That's what our critters are for though, right?  To remind us that life isn't so tough.  (I love this picture.)

Hands No Longer Idle:

Progress.  I chose this yarn because the majority of my wardrobe is blue, purple, and green.  I think I've covered all my bases.

And no, Eric didn't take this picture either

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Desperate Times

When we decided to move, Lori and I began feverishly packing.  Initially I thought I would leave my hand work project, the New York Beauty, available in the event I got a chance to work on it.  After relocating the blocks several times, trying to keep them out of the way as we worked to pack the non-essential items, I finally gave up and packed it.

Now we're into what I refer to as the "dog days" of the move.  We've packed most of the non-essential items, but with twelve days still to live in this house, it's too early to pack the items we need for our daily existence.  Lori and I are finding we have a lot of nervous energy and little to do.  We were both lamenting having packed our hand work.

A trip to Wal-mart for yarn and needles became warranted.  Lori is now crocheting, and I am knitting a scarf.  Besides being an outlet for my need to keep busy, the scarf will come in handy during the Kansas winter.  A win-win!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Autumn Braid

Again with other people's projects.  My mom has started a new quilt.  The pattern is called Autumn Braid

She's used an Asian fabric fat quarter pack, and added like fabrics from her stash.  Isn't it gorgeous?   It's going to be king-sized when she's finished.

She bought the pattern at the LQS, Charlotte's Sew Natural, in Newton, Kansas.  (One of the benefits of moving back to Newton!)

 Maybe one day I'll have my own projects to show again....

Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday Miscellaneous

Thank You

I want to thank everybody who expressed condolences over the loss of my grandmother.  Your thoughts and well-wishes are very much appreciated.

The Move

Between the move and the emergency trip to Kansas, my cousins and I have pretty much been living on this:

We get the U-Haul in 18 days.  When the move is over and we resume our normal lives, we're going to have to go to CAA (Coffee Addicts Anonymous).  I'm NOT kidding!  In the mean time, we really ought to invest money in coffee company stock.

New Blog:  Supernova Bliss

I guess I'm a bit OCD.  I created this blog in order to discuss quilting.  Lately, however, I've run into a dilemma.  I'm not doing much quilting, and that has resulted in limited blogging.  Those blogs that I have done have been about cousin's or my mom's projects.  Solution?  A new blog.  Supernova Bliss (crazy title, huh?).  A blog where I can discuss anything I'd like ~ except quilting of course.  Quilting content belongs here.  Apparently, I need to be able to write ~ something, anything.  And that's exactly what you'll get if you happen to take a look.  A total crapshoot on what it is going on in my mind at the moment.  At least I will be amused.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Newton, KS

I was at work Monday when I received the call that our grandmother had taken a turn for the worst.  As of last weekend, Lori and I knew her time was short, but we expected it to be measured in days; not hours.  
We quickly made arrangements to make the trip north.  It was not without the help of many people.  Eric's parents took the children, and my co-workers covered my scheduled work hours.  We packed the car, and Eric drove the six hours to Kansas.

She was in a coma when we arrived.  Our biggest contribution was to sit watch while our grandfather and my mom (her daughter-in-law) got some sleep.  Lori doted on our grandmother during that time. 
She passed away at 10AM this morning.  Her suffering is over.