Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday Miscellaneous

Moving Disarray:

The picture pretty much speaks for itself.

We spend a lot of time asking each one another where various items are located and whether or not said item has already been packed.  We're at ten days and counting.

You can see more packed boxes behind Marko.  Unlike the rest of us, he's totally unconcerned. That's what our critters are for though, right?  To remind us that life isn't so tough.  (I love this picture.)

Hands No Longer Idle:

Progress.  I chose this yarn because the majority of my wardrobe is blue, purple, and green.  I think I've covered all my bases.

And no, Eric didn't take this picture either


  1. how many people do you have moving? and isn't moving fun - or not :)

  2. You are so ahead of the moving game! I'd be in panic mode by now. LOL

    LOVE the Marko snap. And so wish I could knit. Your yarn choice is quite lovely. Thanks for sharing. Happy Monday! ☺

  3. Not only stress & panic? Some excitement too? :) Love the pic of Marko! And the colors for your scraf too, very beautiful.

  4. That cat has it all going on. He knows you wont forget to pack him or his things.

    Great progress on the scarf considering all the other stuff you're getting up to!

  5. Won't be long now hon - it will just feel like it - Marko looks amazingly relaxed about the whole thing, lol. Great progress on the knitting, that yarn is very pretty!

  6. Love that yarn.
    didn't you just move into that house?

  7. What a great snap of Marko!!!

  8. You must have moving all figured out by now! I hope the next few days fly by for you. Marko certainly looks totally chilled!

  9. Lovely colours in the knitting project. All my favorites are in there!
    I think Marko has the right attitute to life :)

  10. Michelle,

    I love that you still took time to work on projects in the midst of your packing. You certainly face life with a positive attitude! :)


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