Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday Miscellaneous

Thank You

I want to thank everybody who expressed condolences over the loss of my grandmother.  Your thoughts and well-wishes are very much appreciated.

The Move

Between the move and the emergency trip to Kansas, my cousins and I have pretty much been living on this:

We get the U-Haul in 18 days.  When the move is over and we resume our normal lives, we're going to have to go to CAA (Coffee Addicts Anonymous).  I'm NOT kidding!  In the mean time, we really ought to invest money in coffee company stock.

New Blog:  Supernova Bliss

I guess I'm a bit OCD.  I created this blog in order to discuss quilting.  Lately, however, I've run into a dilemma.  I'm not doing much quilting, and that has resulted in limited blogging.  Those blogs that I have done have been about cousin's or my mom's projects.  Solution?  A new blog.  Supernova Bliss (crazy title, huh?).  A blog where I can discuss anything I'd like ~ except quilting of course.  Quilting content belongs here.  Apparently, I need to be able to write ~ something, anything.  And that's exactly what you'll get if you happen to take a look.  A total crapshoot on what it is going on in my mind at the moment.  At least I will be amused.


  1. Sippin' on my coffee as I read. ☺ Perhaps I need to join CAA too. I'm off to join your new blog. Happy Monday, sweet bloggy friend! ☺

  2. Watch out! Next, you'll have stomach problems and wonder why...let's hope the move flows along well. Two blogs,okay, I'm in! Keep writing!

  3. "When the move is over and we resume our normal lives..."


  4. Yep-I hear you on the coffee addict thing. I'll join you at your meetings.

    Popping over to see your new blog.

  5. I highly recommend a Keurig coffee maker - you can indulge your coffee addiction one cup at a time, in lots and lots of flavors! My husband just loves his....

    Headed over to check out the new blog!!

  6. Hi Michelle,

    It's great to hear from you. Sorry to hear about your grandmother.

    Good luck on your packing - seriously, next time I move, I will hire you to move for me. :)


  7. Well, however you have to get it done, even if it means CAA "further on up the road" (now I have to go listen to that song). I like your new blog!


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