Friday, February 19, 2010

Hooked on scraps!

Over time, you'd probably detect a pattern in my quilting, but just in case the first two quilts I've shown in this blog does not make it clear--I'm hooked on scraps! Love them all. While yes, there are colors and textures that I like better than others, I've never met a totally ugly piece of fabric. Unique perhaps. Challenging, most definitely. However, eventually they will find a home in my quilts.

Why scraps? When scraps play well together, the quilt has the feeling of a glorious field of wildflowers, a multi-hued sunset, or a stained glass window. The quilt simply sings. I find trying to create such quilts totally irresistible.

This particular quilt is one of my favorites. It is hand-pieced and tied. I'd hoped to hand-quilt it too, but when I got the daybed, I knew this was the quilt that needed to be on it. I finished the quilt the quickest way that I could. My solution to the issue that I didn't get to hand-quilt this one as I'd intended? Well, I'm making another one!


  1. This is a quilt I could look at day after day and find something interesting. Guess that's why I love scrap quilts too. I love how each quarter of the block is color coordinated, yet when you put four very different ones together, it still works. And I am in awe of your hand piecing. Maybe you could do a tutorial sometime? What may seem easy to you is mind-boggling to me.

  2. This quilt is absolutely gorgeous Michelle. I think it is my favorite of the pics I've seen of your quilts. I understand what you mean about the scraps. My grandmother was a prolific quilt maker, and the fabric came from any and everywhere. I used to love to look at her quilts when I was a child and see all of the unusual patterns that she had incorporated into them.


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