Friday, July 2, 2010

Poll Results--How Do You Stack Up?

The WIP/UFO polls have closed. "How Many WIPs Do You Have?" brought in 71 votes total, and "How Old is Your Oldest UFO?" brought in 60 votes total. So with no further adieu, here are the results:

How Many WIPs Do You Have?:
  • Just one:  1 %
  • 1-5:  36%
  • 5-10:  22%
  • 10-15:  18%
  • More than I'll ever admit:  21%

How Old is Your Oldest UFO?:
  • Have no UFOs:  5%
  • 2 years:  11%
  • 2-5 years: 13%
  • 5-10 years:  28%
  • 10-15 years:  28%
  • Older than I'll ever admit:  13%

Okay, I have to admire the person who is focused enough to have only one project going at a time.  At 1%, there was only one of you--and I trust that you know who you are.  That takes concentration, determination, and self-discipline.  I'm not focused enough to concentrate on one project from beginning to end, and my determination wanes if I become daunted by the next step.  Self-discipline?  Heck, I regard the fact that I've started only one new project this year (besides the baby quilt that needed to be completed by July and was done by April) as self-discipline.  For me, that takes a considerable amount of effort.  With 10 WIPs, I'm in good company with 22% of you.  The largest group at 36% has only 1-5 WIPs going at one time.

Then there is the admirable group at 5% who has no UFOs.  Of course, this could be a matter of definition.  Carla, at Sew It Up Baby, said she doesn't like to refer to any of her projects as UFOs, because then it means the project is neglected.  I think she has a point.  I haven't neglected any of my projects, although I've been stuck in one place on some of them for a really long time.  Continuing in that vein then, I'm in good company with one of the larger groups--those who have WIPs/UFOs of 10-15 years old.  28% of us fall into this category.  The other large group, also at 28%, have WIPs/UFOs of 5-10 years old.

My Black and White and Red All Over quilt is approximately 3-4 years old.  It came about as block swap, and included signature blocks, which appear in the top and bottom border of the quilt.  After I free motion quilt the Pansy Quilt, this one will be next.  It's nice to have a plan for completing this WIP.  I wouldn't mind whittling down the WIP list just a bit.


  1. I think that I fall in the "average" range of UFO's and WIP's. I find more excitement in finding a new pattern, buying more material and dreaming of the end result, than I do in working the actual quilting/knitting/crocheting, etc. Thanks for pulling this together - the results help me realize I am "normal" after all!

  2. Yay ! I'm average. I really think quilting is a mood hobby. Sometimes you;re in the mood for doing a particular quilt and sometimes you're not. That's why we have so many things on the go at once! Plus- I get these flashes of "inspiration" and cant wait to start a new project- bingo - another UFO. the moment, I have 6 WIP's. I think that's my highest number ever.

  3. Interesting poll results. I really like that black/white/red quilt. Love how the signature blocks work into the design as borders.

  4. Your riddle of a quilt inspires me. How very creative!

  5. Great post, Michelle. That black/red/white quilt is stunning!

    Thanks for sharing with your perspective on why you quilt on my giveaway post. :)

  6. Great swap quilt.
    My aunt would be in that 5%. She only buys the fabrics she needs when she is going to make a quilt. No stash at all.

  7. I like that quilt. Great to put the signature blocks at the top & bottom. I have collected fabric for a red/white/black quilt, but I'm not there yet! :)
    Interesting poll! I still have one UFO from last year (I think it is), and have several WIP's. I won't call them UFO's yet, because they (2) were started some months ago....(this year). :)


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