Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Miscellaneous

You know copying is the highest form of flattery. P., I've so enjoyed your Sunday Sundry posts, I decided to do one of my own. Of course, I didn't want it to be obvious that I copied your idea, hence the title Monday Miscellaneous. Subtle, eh?

Okay, so you'll all remember that anti-drug commercial using scrambled eggs with the advisement: "This is your brain on drugs"? Well, this is my brain on moving:

Between preparing our current house to sell, organizing a 1200 mile move, and buying house, trying to pin down exactly what is going to happen when, is like trying to herd cats. Just when we think we've about got everything in place, some new, squirmy cat shows up.

Here's the latest: Had the house we are intending to buy inspected last week (at our expense). The house was built in 2007, and so one would expect it to be relatively problem-free. Nope! The electrical wiring in the basement is "sub-standard", plugs not grounded. The working theory is that the owners finished the basement themselves. So now, our Realtor has formally contacted the owners' Realtor with the request that this problem be fixed. They can accept or counter-offer. Since it isn't a direct negotiation, with layers of Realtors (who have other clients) to go through, the process takes a bazillion times longer than it seems like it should. We're on pins and needles wondering if we'll be leaving by our scheduled departure date or not. Or if the whole darn thing will fall apart.

Then there is the issue of the irrigation system here at our own house. Since we did it ourselves, the irrigation system actually amounted to four different systems, added as needed. Worked for us, but it would be tough for anyone not living at the house to manage (like the caretaker we will probably hire until the house sells). So we hire an irrigation guy to attach our four irrigation systems to one central landscape timer. Piece of cake he tells us. Since he put it in last Wednesday, we haven't been able to use it. There have been two leaks, an electrical problem, and too much pressure in the system causing two of our irrigation tubes to "pop their corks" so to speak. I've been kicking myself for not pointing out that our primitive system had pressure reducers on them. But heck, I figured he was the expert. Stupid me. Now he's coming back on Tuesday to install said pressure reducers. I'm hoping the third fix is indeed the charm, because right now, I feel like we've gone nine steps back in that department.

Oh and here's a laugh. His card states "Work done right the first time."

I will say this, he is a nice guy, and it seems to me that part of the problem is that he's overworked.

Although the post is labeled "miscellaneous", it appears that I did stick to a theme, the adventures (or misadventures) of moving. So, maybe I'm a theme writer at heart, but at least the title allows me to pick an unrelated subject next week.


  1. Sounds like your move is any normal move would go. We had the problem of jumping on a plane and flying for 5 hours, and our move to follow. Only, we couldn't get packed on time, so our family that stayed behind, had to do the final packing. Luckily we had good communication channels, and we knew what we wanted to bring over, so that went well, in the end. At the same time my mother also changed house, and we were still helping her move things the evening before we were to fly - and our plane took off at 05:45 in the morning...

  2. moving is not fun!

  3. I hope the third time is indeed a charm. That's too funny what his card says!

    I love the grimacy face graphic, but I'm sorry for the stress you're going through in preparation for the move. Just think, though, by Thanksgiving, hopefully you'll be in your new house with everything just the way you like it!

  4. But when it's done and you're sitting in Kansas all the pain and revolting-ness of the move will melt away .

    Actually it wont- I'm trying to make you feel better.

    Stay sane Michelle. Lots of these things are outside of your control.

  5. I'm so sorry you're having problems - unfortunately, it seems to go with the territory as I don't know anyone who has had a smooth move! But sooner or later it will all be over and you can relax in your new home! Just keep that in mind and you'll be ok!

  6. Yeah... herding cats... I love that expression! It will be so nice when you empty that last box in your new home. Make sure to label the ones with fabric in red so they are opened first!


  7. Sorry to hear the move is not going smoothly, however I have never heard of a move that has gone to plan. At least you won't be as bad as my (ex) friend, who moved to the other side of the world. She had emptied most of the furniture but basically left all her paperwork, items in her bathroom cabinets and laundry and a whole heap of cleaning for me (without running it by me before the day she left). That is part of the reason why she is an ex friend.
    Good luck with the move and hope the irrigation system is all fixed now.

  8. Its a lot of work. A lot of responsibility. And most of the time it seems that not only will it never work out, but that everyone involved is in it only for themselves.

    Somehow, it always DOES work out.

    And the breath of relief which escapes your lungs in your new place is always a memorable one.


  9. Michelle, love your Monday Miscellaneous... very cute post title! :)

    Hang in there... it will be over before you know it.

    Hugs. :)

  10. Boy you are moving a long way where ever it may be. We have moved plenty and I know how it can such a hassle sometimes. Hope things start smoothing out.

  11. That is really nerve racking! I hope everything works out without you losing your mind!

    xo -El


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