Wednesday, September 29, 2010

You Might Be a Quilter If....

You might be a quilter if:  when the moving company representative tells you it's okay to leave your clothes, sheets, and towels in the dresser drawers, you immediately start removing the clothes, sheets and towels and instead fill them with quilts and quilt projects, reasoning that they are less likely to lose a piece of furniture rather than a box.

(The current New York Beauty project)

(A vintage Dresden Plate quilt made by my great grandmother.)

(A hand-pieced Drunkard's Path)

While I have no pictures for this one, because all of these boxes are taped closed~you might be a quilter if:  instead of wrapping and padding your fragile items with newspaper, you use fabric from your stash instead.


  1. Oh, I am such a quilter! I've always used stash from my fabric for packing - it helps justify it to my hubby! I had to laugh at you putting your quilts in the drawers.....

  2. Each of us within our own craft utilize what we have. I use static bags :P

  3. Seriously I'd be taking my quilting stuff in the car with me . Yes - I'm just that anal...

    Sounds like there's some serious packing going on in the Michelle house?

  4. I just did that very thing only instead of some UFO's, I actually put fabric stash in the drawers. Then the movers were like, "What is in here?"

    It made me laugh and know my clothes weren't as important as my fabrics and projects... As a matter of fact, the one set I left in a box I have to locate tonight (I know I have the box, I opened it in the new house and then set it aside with all the others). It's killing me I can't remember where it is. Want to bet I buried it in all the shuffling?

    HOpe the move goes smoothly.

  5. Bawhaha! That is hilarious! I love it!

    That dresser that the drunkard's path is in is really pretty!

    xo -El

  6. Your NYB is a beauty. I have always wanted to try one, but have been afraid.

    I have been known to take my sewing machine in the car with me when we move. The computer came also. Guess we know what our priorities are.

  7. LOL! Well,if the shoe fits...!
    It is practical and is lessens the amount of packages that needs to be moved - since a quilt can take much more space than clothes.
    I remeber having one huge box for only two (UFO) quilts in it, and three suitcases with all my clothes I wanted to bring over. If I think of it, I don't know if one quilt would have fitted into my suitcase, but all my clothes, and some extras, would have fitted into that box.
    Still holding thumbs that everything will go smoothly.

  8. Hahahaha, Michelle, I can SO relate to using fabrics for padding fragile items. :)

    Cute post. :)

  9. You must be a natural packer with priorities straight!!

    So sorry about the loss of your dad. He was so young!!

  10. Hi Michelle,
    I have done that! While moving I have used fabric to protect breakables. Your quilts are beautiful. Took a tumble off a ladder so haven't posted in a few days. Will be back Monday. Have a great weekend! xo, Karen

  11. Very good thinking, aaaaahhh the thought of moving again, good luck!

  12. LOL! When we moved overseas, I used batting to top off the boxes-and not little pieces-whole batts! What would I do with newspaper?


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