Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday Miscellaneous

A Quick Trip:

My cousin and I made a quick run to Kansas last week--6 hours one way.  We were in Wichita from Tuesday through Friday morning.  Our grandfather was hospitalized.  Fortunately, he is now home.


For great teamwork and a job well done, when we got home, Lori and I were rewarded with cheap wine.  Yay!

Owls Revisited:

Shay from Quilting in My Pyjamas asked Lori for a tutorial on how to make these adorable little owls.  She came across the directions online and provided the pdf to me to share.

Coming Soon:

Lori's gnomes.  (It's a good thing she's being so creative or I'd have nothing to blog about!)


  1. We live in Kansas, and I know that drive from Texas could be a tedious one. Glad grandpa is OK. Your owl is so cute-I will check out the directions.

  2. The wine is inexpensive, not cheap. Cheap is the one-night stand in Vegas which leaves you wanting because it didn't address the root cause. Cheap is the seasonal silk-screened T-shirt Wal-Mart is selling for $3.99 that you discover isn't worth the price the first time you slip it on. Cheap is the trash-talk from opinionated neighbors who are ever embroiled in drama because they lack the maturity of experience. The wine is not cheap, its just not overpriced.

    Besides, you're focusing on all the wrong things here - VOLUME is the diamond in Franzia's rough :P

  3. Glad to hear your grandfather is home and hopefully on the mend.

    Inexpensive wine is the best kind. Except the next day if you over indulge.

    And I bookmarked the tute but have no idea when I'll ever get to it. Maybe when I stop working 10 hour days? I do love those owls!

  4. You are my kind of girl! I love Franzia wine! I drink White Zinfandel though. I figure I am doing the world a favor when I drink - I am more fun when I drink, I am being green when I drink from a box, and I am frugal by buying it in mega amounts! By the way, I cut the wine boxes and then wrap them in paper and make them into magazine holders! How wonderful am I?!?!?!

  5. It is so hard when grandparents are ailing. I'm sorry and am glad you got to go see him and that he's home now.

    xo -E


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