Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wall-hanging: How Love Grows

How Love Grows

My cousin asked me to make this wall-hanging for her.  I was so flattered and thrilled to do it.  The piece measures 16" square, and was made completely by hand right down to the binding. 

Laurel chose the fabrics.  I love her selections.  I must admit I was a little daunted by the beige textured fabric she chose for the hearts.  It was a thicker than I would normally use for applique, but it worked just fine and adds so much interest.

In regard to quilting the green background, the design on the fabric itself showed me exactly where I should quilt.  No marking.  I just followed the designs.  It was so cool!

Interestingly enough, it would never have occurred to me to use a patterned fabric for the background.  I have always used patterned fabric for the centerpiece and plain fabric for the background in my previous works.  I've learned something!  I so love how the patterned fabric inspired the quilting, I will definitely do this again.  Thanks Laurel!

(And thanks to Eric for the picture that shows the quilting.)


  1. I love the way you used the patterned background!! I hope she loves it!

  2. It's gorgeous Michelle! I like the patterned background too- it really makes the hearts stand out.

    Great job-especially since it's truly all handmade!

  3. Very cool! I like the "outside the box" fabric choices. They work very well together and do add a different dimension of interest. I love that it's all hand made and hand quilted.

  4. It's great Michelle, love that it's all hand made.
    Love the patterned background fabric.

  5. What a sweet little quilt! It's great to have you back in blogland. :)


  6. This is very pretty and I am amazed that you did it all by hand. How do you enjoy working with small quilts? I am finishing my second mini quilt and I think I am beginning to really enjoy them. Almost instant gratification is wonderful!

  7. Its beautiful. Its how love, grows.

  8. Thank you cuz. It is already hanging up in my bedroom. I love it.

  9. It's a nice finish, Michelle. I like your quilting on the great background ~

  10. Very cute...and different.

  11. I really love the colors! What a beautiful wall hanging. The quilting is really nice and I agree with you about all the fun things this piece has to offer. Nice work!

    xo -El

  12. So sweet! Sometimes the fabic makes the best quilting pattern. Well done.
    thanks for stopping by my blog.
    Have a great day.


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