Friday, August 26, 2011

Quilting-Crafting Studio

My cousin and I have been looking forward to setting up our Quilting-Crafting Studio since we knew we returning to the house in Newton.  The basement has plenty of space and will be perfect for our needs.  The only problem has been digging out from underneath the pile of boxes.

A few days ago, Lori got inspired and removed the boxes from our space.

Eric moved the desk into place for us, and I found the fabric and unpacked the Juki.  Eventually, there will be shelves to hold the fabric, but in the meantime, the window well works just fine.

Along with the setting up the sewing room, came setting up the office (off camera ~ and the subject of a separate blog post), and organizing all of Eric's computer stuff.  Boxes and boxes of computer stuff.

In the corner opposite the Juki, Lori began setting up a space for scrapbooking.  We're still looking through boxes for all of her supplies.

Despite the area needing more work, I sat down and did some free-motion quilting for the first time in six or seven months.  The good news is that in the interim, the skills I had did not abandon me; the bad news is that I didn't get any better.

I finished this block this afternoon ~ one I began quilting in January or February.  It is far from perfect, but it sure feels good to have completed it.


  1. What a nice, large area to occupy, made even better by having someone like-minded to share it with. Yea! for a minute of quilting, too ~
    ps, it's good to hear from you again ~

  2. (Blogger ate my first comment...trying again.)

    Yay! Do you feel a sense of normalcy now that you're sitting in front of your Juki again? Nice quilting. I'm sure you'll be right back in the FMQ flow in no time. By the way, is this the room that used to be pea-green?

  3. Congratulations! Nice space, and so glad to see you quilting again!! Pretty block, too, by the way!!

  4. What a lovely space you have - it'll take time, but I'm sure you'll get it all arranged just perfectly! Your fmq is looking GREAT!

  5. Does it feel strange being back there? Great to see you back and quilting again. The block looks great.

  6. So much work to get done - but I'm so glad you have such a wonderful space to play with. Enjoy...

  7. What a fabulous feeling to get back into your craft again, isn't it? Hooray for new beginnings! ☺ I think your block looks wonderful. Happy to see you quilting. ☺

  8. That looks like a nice, large room. Lovely block and your FMQ looks great! Good to have you back again!

  9. Yay! You have somewhere to get creative again. How do you feel? Are you bursting with ideas for things you want to make?

  10. Yay! You have somewhere to get creative again. How do you feel? Are you bursting with ideas for things you want to make?


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