Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Home Office

The flip side of getting the quilting - crafting studio set up is the home office.  It is the place where I access my quilting software, look at quilting pictures, and read quilting blogs.

I share this space with my clone (Eric, my cousin-in-law ) ~ or probably to be more correct, he shares his office with me.    When we returned to the house in Newton, Eric immediately decided this storage space would be perfect for his office.  It's somewhat isolated, which is important since he works from home; cool being in the basement (the computers give off a lot of heat); and with no finished ceiling, his very tall server rack would fit.  Eric refers to us as "basement trolls."

Crappy picture of me at my desk next to the server rack

Here is the view from my corner
This is Eric's desk.  Yep, five monitors.  Believe me, he uses all of them ~ one personal computer, two for work, and two for the servers in the rack, that are also utilized in his work.

So now you know the vantage point from which I'm appreciating all of your fine work.  I soon hope to be able to post an updated picture of the quilting-crafting studio.  The floor is now clear.  We're making progress.


  1. Nice. I see room on those concrete walls for some quilted wall art. :) I know those server racks must be noisy (in a whirry, hummy, singy kinda way). Methinks you also need a laptop for Christmas/birthday!

  2. Do I see the Mac OS on the two monitors on the left? ;)

  3. Wow - that is a lovely desk - you guys really are making progress!! Good job!

  4. @Sandy - yes ma'am; the two on the left are OSX, the middle two are Ubuntu Linux, the right one is Windows 7 and in the rack are HP/UX and Sun Solaris UNIX :)

  5. I've only ever seen set-ups like Eric;s on the movies ( I don't get out much )

    As I sit here on my crappy single stand alone PC I feel decidedly behind the times technology wise.

    Lovely to hear you're getting settled !

  6. I think you need one of those forest murals in your corner back there - I think I would be positively claustrophobic tucked away there! But it is a convenient place to be quiet and concentrate! And your cousin's desk and computer setup is amazing!!!

  7. Wow. I have no other words. Really cool, Michelle. Thanks for sharing your little piece of the world. I'm still reeling from the 5 monitors. Too cool. I'm totally jealous. ☺ Happy Tuesday!

  8. That is a really cool space. So glad you're getting settled!

    xo -E

  9. Michelle,

    That looks cool! And it would seem to me you never have computer problems with your cousin-in-law's setup and expertise! :)


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