Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday Miscellaneous


I have been so erratic about reading your blogs.  I apologize.  Despite my regret and hopes of doing better, life just keeps happening.


Meet the new, up and coming quilt inspector, Chuzzlewit:

It looks like she was a little confused, having to inspect the stack of napkins in the bowl atop the table-topper.  Oh well, she was trying.
Quilt Shop

Saturday, my mom and I checked out the quilting shop, Material Girls, in downtown Wichita.  While we are always on the look out for a new place spend a little a lot of money on fabric, it was the clever name that caught our attention.  We were not disappointed. I have never seen a larger selection of batiks, amongst the many other fabrics.  The staff was very friendly.  Quite a happy place.  The picture below does not do the shop justice.


I have been doing a little quilting, but all of it is for Christmas so no pictures.  I don't want to give anything away to the recipients.


  1. I am not a cat person, but Chuzzlewit is a very beautiful cat. She's such a pretty color!

    We have a quilt shop called "Material Girls" here too. When I read the name of the shop, I thought you'd been to Utah. Anyway, any shop that has a large selection of batiks is an awesome shop in my book.

    Also, life happens. I totally understand. Don't feel guilty. Just enjoy yourself.

    xo -E

  2. Chuzzlewit obviously chose her own name- it's definitely cattish!! She'll get the hand of quilt inspecting - she just needs to learn to knock off whatever's on top of the quilt in question!

    Nice to see Monday Miscellaneous back again!!

  3. Since Chuzzlewit is an up and coming quilt inspector she needs to have a few practice runs.She is a gorgeous looking little girl.

    I love finding new fabric stores in which to spend my hard earned cash. I almost swooned when a quilt shop opened up 5 minutes from my house in January. Sadly they know me by first name now since I'm in there so often!

  4. Hi Michelle! I didn't realise you had this bog too. Now I see the significance of the beautiful table topper beneath the cat! Well, good to make your acquaintance in this side of the Blogosphere.

  5. Eek, that should say "blog" above. My keyboard has a serious problem with the letter l lately. I honestly wasn't saying your blog was boggy.

  6. Cats gotta get right up in the middle of your bidness, don't they? She's a cutie with an adorable name. So cool that you found a good fabric store!

  7. Hey, don't apologize about not visiting blogs.I have been pretty bad myself. I jus thave so much going on these days.
    Glad you stopped by my blog. Always good to hear from you.
    Cats love to get in the silliest places.
    Nice looking quilt shop.

  8. Sweet new inspector, there, Michelle! Sounds like a good shop to go with your Mom. We are happy with a brand new Hobby Lobby not too far from home, I had never been to one, and I'm a little dazzled with the charm there. Yep, I bought a yard or 5 of fabric myself, lol ~


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