Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday Miscellaneous

A Pile of Pinwheels! 

I've decided the best way to show off the fairies in this baby quilt is to sash them. These pinwheels will reside at the junctions.  They measure just 3 1/2 inches.

Vegas Baby!

Last week at this time I'd just arrived home from visiting my friend, Michele in Las Vegas.  Seems ironic, but we didn't step one foot inside a casino.  After living there for a couple of years, the casinos lose their appeal.  Besides, why would we need to go anywhere with a fridge full of beer?

Okay, we did get out one day and walk down the street to Nacho Daddy's where we had, yes nachos, and margaritas.  After all, a woman cannot live by beer alone!  :-)
It was one of those terrific low stress, hanging with the girlfriend type of weekends.  I need those more often!

Blogger Layout:

I've been tweaking my blog layout.  I increased the size of the main column, the post column, and in so doing, made the entire blog a bit wider.  That's fine except that I am having trouble with my header picture.  I tried to figure out how to center it to no avail.  Then I tried to make my picture longer both in Picasa and Photoshop.  None of those efforts translated well at all.  Any tips? 


  1. Love the new header Michelle. I had the same problem with centering last year but for the life of me I can remember how I fixed it. Google will probably know.

    Weekends away with girlfriends are essential to remaining sane!

  2. Pinwheels are perfect for a baby quilt.
    Glad you had fun in Vegas.
    Sorry I am no help with your header. My daughter did mine.

  3. I've no idea either. When I finally stumble on how to do something, I never write it down and then never remember how I did it. Hopeless!
    The pinwheels are cute, a very nice idea for the baby quilt.
    Glad you had a good time in Vegas. Weekends relaxing with friends are usually THE best.

  4. Took Shay's advice and did a Google search. I now have a centered header picture. Yay!

  5. Sorry I can't help you, perhaps try to google it? Weekends with a dear friend is 'holy'! I'm sure you had a great time! I can only imagine how gorgeous the quilt will be... I love pinwheels! Always have in mind to make a pinwheel quilt from my stash, but.... right now I think I have more than enough on my list to do! :)

  6. That's going to be darling with the pinwheels! Glad you had a great weekend hon, sounds good to me!

  7. LOVE those pinwheels! Pinwheels are awesome! And you did such a beautiful job at 3½ inches. That fairy quilt is going to be SO cute!

    Glad you have a lovely weekend. So, do you recommend the Nachos at Nacho Daddy's?

    I really like your new layout. And I'm so glad you figured out how to center your header. Blogger is so stubborn about some things.

    xo -E

  8. The pinwheels and the 3 strip sashing are making the fairy quilt just adorable. Can hardly wait to see it completed.

  9. I've sent you a little award, enjoy.


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