Saturday, June 30, 2012

Common Threads Quilt Show Continued

While I don't dislike my job by any means, I have discovered that leaving the house at 8:30AM and not returning until 11PM, three days per week, cuts in to my quilting time, blogging time, and blog reading time.  It appears I'm destined to be a weekend blogger for the foreseeable future ~ unless I can get far more organized.

To continue with the Common Threads Quilt Show photos from last week, I bring you these:

I found the color scheme in this quilt rather unique.  Not sure how much I like it, but I don't dislike it.  The feature that drew me to it is the setting of the appliqued flower blocks.  The dark sashing around those blogs really makes them pop.  They look almost 3-D

There were two heavily embellished wall-hangings.  Fascinatingly ornate!  I tried to get overall pictures of them, but if I got back far enough get the entire wall-hanging, the dainty embellishments were lost.

I stared at this wall-hanging for a long time, trying to figure out how it was made.  The swirls appeared to be folded fabric, but I'm not really sure.  How this was done remains a mystery to me, despite having the opportunity to stand before it and study it.  One of the most enticing pieces of the show, in my opinion.

But this is not all!  More to come.


  1. You're right - that is an amazing quilt! I'd love to know how they did it too!!

  2. People amaze me with their brilliance (and patience) All of those quilts/wall hangings are really different and I can see the work that went into them.

    Working 15 hour days is sure to put a crimp into your other activities. I used to work 12 and a half hour shifts and it doesn’t leave time for anything but eating and collapsing into bed.

  3. That last one is really compelling. It seems to have such dimension and really draws you in. Ah! It's got me!!! (Okay, so I've had a glass of wine...)

    Interesting colors of that top one, I agree. It seems to work somehow.


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