Saturday, June 16, 2012

It's a Dog's Life ~ Literally

Yes, I know.  After my long absence, you're surprised to see me pop up again.  A new job as an instructor at a local career college in mid February, followed by a move into a rental house in early April has pretty much kept my life rather hectic.  I'm hoping to find a routine that will allow me to pursue some more creative endeavors ~ find my inner quilter again.  We'll see how that goes....

Meet my two cats, Lovebug and Max:

When my room mate, Susan, was making the decision to move in with me, she had asked how I would feel about her getting a dog.  I like dogs, although I'm not really a dog person.  Susan, however, likes dogs the same way I like cats.  I don't really feel complete without one or two.  Knowing this, I couldn't deny her having a dog.  My only caveat was that her dog not eat my cats.

For the last several weeks she's been checking the local humane society website, looking for an adult dog with a known history of getting along with cats, or a pup that the cats could train.

Yesterday, Susan brought home an as yet to be named, 4 month old, Giant Schnauzer female.  The cats were mostly nonplussed when the dog came through the door, and the pup initially shied away from them.  However, as all puppies do, she eventually got playful, and got to racing around a bit wildly.

Training commenced right away when she got too close to Lovebug.  When I snapped the photo below, Susan had grabbed the pup so that I could get a picture of her.  It was then we noticed the blood dripping all over Susan's hand and cast.

Needless to say the new pup has learned to pay both cats the proper respect.  I'm betting she won't need another lesson in etiquette very soon.


  1. I was imagining a little gray Schnauzer puppy about the same size as the cats, but she is, well, Giant! She doesn't look too traumatized after her "lesson." The cats look quite laid back, literally. All that dog training must be hard work.

  2. I am a cat person but have never had one as I am away so much. Still have fond memories though of the neighbours cats who adopted me as a kid.
    Can't imagine living with a dog though!

  3. Poor pup! I guess he will learn soon enough.
    I would love to have giant Schnauzer one day.
    Good to see you back and thanks for stopping by my blog. Have a good summer.

  4. Ginger cats are my favourite kind.

    Im sure the pup has learned her lesson. My two huge dogs are deathly afraid of both our cats.

  5. Good to see you back in blog land! :)I'm sure the pup will learn fast enough. We have two dogs and one cat, the cat was the first one that came into our lives, so the dogs just had to adjust! :)


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