Tuesday, September 9, 2014

2 Minutes Quilting; 30 Minutes Ripping

I saw a really lovely border design I wanted to try - the one at the bottom of the picture:

(courtesy of Green Fairy Quilts)
(Check out her blog; it's awesome!)

Yeah...., Although I did trying drawing it on paper first, and really wasn't able to consistently emulate her beautiful consistency, I decided to give it a shot.  My quilting didn't look any worse than my drawing, but I discovered my brain really balked - a lot of "duh..., which way now."  Spastic!  I like free motion quilting, but wasn't enjoying trying to make this design.

As with anything, my first thought was to keep going; I'm bound to get better.  But I am working on an outer border.  There is going to be too much time spent finishing it to do a design I don't enjoy.

Next up, the nestled circles above it!  :D


  1. If it's any consolation, I find that particular motion to be challenging too. Looks simple enough, right? But to do it consistently...yeah, been there. I'm sure it gets better with practice (as with most things). I hope you took a "before" pic, before you ripped, if nothing else but for your own benefit and to know you're getting better when you look back a little while from now.

  2. I havent even tried that FM design so in my eyes you rock for giving it a go.

    I did loops last week , and kept going even after they looked crap, and it took me two hours to unsew it all when I decided I hated it. Ask Marg how much I grizzled for the whole two hours ( she was on Facetime with me and got to listen to the whole two hours of whining)

    Good luck with the next attempt.


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