Sunday, August 31, 2014

A UFO to the Rescue

The thing of it is, no matter how long it has been since I last quilted - my quilting has been very minimal and sporadic the last several years - there is still that same pile of UFOs that was there when I last looked.  They didn't magically get done in my absence. Overall however, that has been a good thing.  It has been nice to re-acquaint myself with the various project stages by way of those UFO's. So while a part of me is eager to start something brand new, mainly I am glad to simply ease back into the process.

It's not been without its complications.  A few weeks back, I posted about the new sewing room painted in purple and peach.  I was thrilled with the natural light from the big slider.  However, as far as functionality..., well the room simply wasn't big enough.  Too many windows and doors, and not enough wall space.

The sewing room went back to the basement where there is plenty of room for any configuration.  I am really quite pleased.

Sincerely enjoying those purple walls, I decided to move my bedroom into the former sewing room.  I am really liking it.  But I need a new quilt - and like yesterday.  I don't really have anything that coordinates with the purple.

An old UFO came to save the day.

Even better, it was nearly done when I stopped working on it back in 2011.  I am down to quilting the outer green border and the butterflies.

As to the one peach wall in the purple room?  Well, it's soon going to be a lime green.


  1. That's the beauty of having a basement - you can turn it into a sewing room. I could pop over and help you with that painting if you're willing to provide free room and board?

    That UFO is going to be a beauty when she;s done. Dont forget to show it on your bed !

  2. Oh, I really like that quilt! It will be great on your bed in the purple and green room. Your basement sewing space is looking great. So cozy and organized, neat as a pin. You really must do something about that, you know. ;)

  3. How pretty! Isn't it funny that quilters tend to paint their rooms to coordinate with their quilts, and not the other way around?

  4. If I had a basement, I'd use the entire space as my sewing room. You are quite fortunate to have yours! Such a pretty quilt! Looks like the perfect addition to your new room. Be sure to take photos for us once it's all complete. Happy Sewing! :)

  5. that quilt will look great in the new bedroom. I guess the new green color will be much better than peach if you are going to have that quilt in the room.

  6. Ok talk about fate? Well your new bedroom and quilt were just meant to be!! The peach wall, maybe not so much, but the rest of it was a really awesome. Oh and that last border that you have to quilt, it's amazing.


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