Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Quilting Gods are Laughing

"While you're making plans, God is laughing." I ran across this quote a few weeks ago. Tried to locate it on the Internet this morning so I could quote it accurately and give the proper credit, and darn if I can't find it. (More Quilting Gods mischief? You do know the Quilting Gods walk among as cats, don't you?) I believe the quote was attributed to a Jewish proverb.

My plight, which I will get to momentarily, reminds me of that old quilter's joke:

A quilter dies and when she re-awakens, she finds herself in a huge room full of thousands of bolts of the most beautiful fabric she's ever seen. She turns to a woman sitting at a table nearby, and says, "Oh my, this must be heaven!" However, the woman just glumly shakes her head, and replies, "No, this is hell. There are no scissors."

My problem? Well, it's like this: I've injured my left shoulder somehow. It's a mystery. I'm at that age where one can sustain injuries and have no clue as to what caused them. Yes, that's annoying enough in of itself. However to tie my situation back with the joke above, I have a new Juki TL-98Q--and I can't use it! Machine quilting is the one thing that notches up the pain on the injured shoulder big time.

I've tried to ignore the sore shoulder since I'm finally getting to the place with my free motion quilting where, although I'm still very much a novice, I'm gaining a bit of confidence, and finding it mostly fun rather than terrifying. Heck, the darn shoulder got injured on its own, why should I pay attention to it? Ten days later, and it still feels as bad as on the day the problem first cropped up; that's why.

So now my time in the sewing room is spent machine-piecing on the little Kenmore, and stealing surreptitious glances at the Juki. I swear when I pause to press a seam, I can hear giggling.


  1. well darn it all! I hope your shoulder starts feeling better quickly!

  2. Sorry about your sore shoulder. Hopefully with a few days rest and TLC, it'll feel better.

    That cat cracks me up!

  3. Oh, Michelle! How awful! I hope your shoulder feels better very soon!

  4. What a bummer! I so hope your shoulder will remember its manners soon and get better fast.
    Got a good laugh at the cat! Yours?

  5. I hope you feel better. Check out the ergonomics of how to hold your shoulders, height of machine ect online. I always hunch over and regret it!

    LOL at the quilter's hell!


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