Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Inspiring Colors of Taos

Color.  As we quilters, toying with color in all its various combinations is a significant part of the joy in the art.  I was blown away by the way color was used in Taos.  It wasn't that there were any new colors; it was it the way the colors were put together ~ the rusty tones, near reds, and gold paired with turquoise, teal, royal blue and occasionally purple.  This wall of pottery suns shows exactly what I'm talking about:

The photo above contains the more muted tones, but this one shows the same color combinations in vivid brights:

I came home inspired.  Now if I can just find a time to put vision to fabric....

(My thanks to Eric for again allowing me the use of his pictures.)


  1. So pretty! I love the turquoises.....

  2. Ooh, nice! I'm really liking the brights! :)

  3. OOoh I like both colour combinations.

  4. that first photo reminds me of your NY beauty quilt.

  5. I love those funny pottery suns! Those colors are amazing and however you put them together in a quilt will be gorgeous!

    xo -E


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