Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday Miscellaneous

The Move

As part of my Favorite Things Friday post, I mentioned that my cousins and I were moving back to Kansas.  Who knew when I renamed my blog, The Gypsy Quilter, in reference to the two moves I'd made this past year, that there would be a third?  And you'd think with so much practice I'd get better at it.  The truth is so many things must occur almost simultaneously that achieving a feeling of organization and efficiency is next to impossible.  The process always involves muddling.  I suppose the one thing I have learned, is to accept that moving is barely controlled chaos, and not to get too uptight about it.

Due to the two previous moves, my stuff has been pared down.  What's left is going.  Not so with my cousins.  They've lived in their current house for four years.  I heard them exclaim to each other the other day, "How did we accumulate so much crap?"  I remember asking myself the same question when we were preparing to leave Pahrump, Nevada.  I could only smile in sympathy.

Even with all the hectic activity, the cats manage to keep us entertained.  Marko had to inspect this cabinet as it was cleaned out.

More on Taos:  Sights from the Town Square

I mentioned previously that nearly all of the buildings in Taos are adobe.  This garden was nestled in a row of adobe shops ~a florist, an antique store, et al.  We were especially enamored with the royal blue doors and window frames against the adobe.  It was an oft-used color combination around Taos.

Like many towns, Taos is home to a town square.  It contains a not insignificant number of shops ~ mostly tourist related.  Being thoroughly sheltered from the traffic, it's a great place to walk, window shop, enjoy the ever pleasant weather, and see interesting sculptures such as the one below:

Or decorations set out by the shop owners for simple beauty's sake:

We all loved the area so much that we toyed with the idea of trying to move to Taos.  But we've never seen it in the winter and for many reasons (related to why we are moving to Kansas), the time just isn't right.


  1. Good luck with the packing and moving, Michelle! Sometimes I wish we'd move just so I could get rid of all the junk. LOL

    Happy Monday! ☺

  2. I hope the move goes well, Michelle. I'm glad it's for moving closer to family, and I hope all goes well.

  3. Such lovely photos! Thanks for sharing.
    Funny thing: the first photo of the town square, made me think of thread painting and embroidery...

  4. Good luck with the preparations for moving. I've lived here for 12 years. It's going to be a huge job to get rid of the accumulated crap when I decide to move.

  5. Oh I love the look of Taos. The buildings are fascinating to look at (nothing like that here !)

    It's amazing how much stuff we accumulate isnt it? I'm not really a hoarder of anything but fabric and go through my house once a year but I bet Mr. P's shed could take some paring down Im too afraid to look in there!

  6. Good luck getting things ready for the move. Sounds like you have the right attitude.

    Taos looks very appealing. Love the colors, especially that blue. Speaking of color, Marko has pretty eyes.

  7. I used to get rid of everything everytime I moved - if it didn't fit in my car, it didn't go! I'd hate to see me try to move now, after 20 years in the same place. Taos looks so beautiful!

  8. You are moving again? WOW! Next time I move, you need to come and help me. :)

    Have a safe move!

  9. Taos is surely a lovely place, love the colors and architecture. OMGosh! You are moving for the 3rd time this year?! :) All the best on your move!


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