Thursday, October 14, 2010

Favorite Things Friday: Quilters

Another Friday has rolled around (at least in Australia), and so that means it's time for Favorite Things Friday hosted by Mrs. Pyjamas at Quilting in My Pyjamas.  Come on and join in the fun!

So with no further ado~one of my very most favorite things are quilters.  As a group, quilters tend to be the friendliest, most generous, caring group of people I've ever had the pleasure and honor with which to be associated.  (I was going to say deal with, but I didn't want to end my sentence with a preposition.)

As most of you know, I've been going through a tough time, but I've had so much support both on the blog and through personal emails, that I never feel completely alone.  You can't imagine what a blessing that is. 

I'm surprised I didn't think of putting quilters as my favorite thing sooner, but it was a gift from Elizabeth at Such a Sew and Sew, which arrived today, that brought it home to me like a thwack upside the head.  Bless her.  She'd read my blog article about the Dark and Stormy Night quilt in which I'd stated that I was still collecting purples.  Look what she sent to me:

Eight glorious purple pieces of fabric.  (My camera made some look more blue than they are.)  How wonderful is that?  One of them even looks like a Dark and Stormy Night.  Elizabeth's gift is the perfect example of what I mean by friendly and generous.  Thank you so much Elizabeth!

And thank you so much quilty friends!


  1. Isn't it funny how we take for granted some of our more favored things and don't think of them that way. What great fabrics. Won't that be a nice memory to have when you look at the finished quilt? I have the same problem with purple fabrics I scan for use in EQ, they tend to come out blue.

  2. Yes Quilters are lovely people ... and so are crocheters ( they call themselves Hookers !!!). Ive just joined both groups of people and I'm loving them all.
    Of course you know it's just the Sisterhood of Women at work. What would we do without our sisters?

  3. Michelle,

    Well said, and I totally agree with you!

    My emails to you (to all yahoo email addresses) have been bounced back to me... :(

  4. I absolutely agree Michelle, and wow what a lovely surprise from Elizabeth.
    I have been blown away by the lovely quilters (and hookers) I have "met" since starting sewing and crocheting again.

  5. Could not have said it better! There is nothing like the quilting sisterhood (and brothers) that can bind us, in any ohter way. It is like the thread that keeps the fabric together.
    What a lovely surprise from Elizabeth. Your quilt will be that little bit more special when it is done.
    Good luck with the garage sale!

  6. Quilters are the best people, it must be all that fabric fondling that makes them so nice. My quilting buddies are the best friends and my go to people.

  7. I am one of those Hookers!! :-) I think we would all be lost without blog-land. It is one thing that has come from modern technology that I am grateful wonderful to be able to connect with so many beautiful people throughout the world.

  8. what a lovely gift, you will have to show us when it is finished,

  9. I agree! Quilters and sewers are a wonderful Favourite! :o) What are you going to stitch up with that pretty purple fabric? Happy FTF! :o)

  10. What lovely fabric and what a lovely gift!

  11. I so agree with you, Michelle! Since I started blogging, I've made the most wonderful friends all over the world, simply by virtue of what we share - a love of fabric and quilting! Thanks for reminding us all....

  12. I'm with you, absolutely a great lot of people. The first visit from someone other than my family when I started blogging made my heart soar! Now after 3 years, it's still a favourite thing for me.

  13. And isn't it wonderful that we now have the means to get to know each other, no matter where we happen to live?

  14. Michelle, I'm glad you liked the fabrics. Earlier this year I went on a quest for purple and then my quilt changed directions, so when you said you were looking for purple a little light clicked on. I had all those lovely purple fabrics who needed a home. It was much better to share what I had than let it sit away all sad and unused in a box. Fabric is meant to be used. The quilting/blogging community is one of the nicest places I've ever been. Thanks for a great FTF!

    xo -El

  15. Elizabeth is just the sweetest person.

    I totally agree with you Michelle about quilty people being the nicest bunch of people around. I've met such fabulous people willing to share their skills, knowledge , fabric stashes, and lives with me through the quilting community.
    And now we share so much more than quilting.

    This was great FTF Michelle. (And I purposely waited to comment so I knew it would be your Friday!)


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