Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday Miscellaneous

The Weather:
For most days of the year, Pahrump skies are sunny, cloudless, and beautiful.  After all, we get only about 4 inches of rain per year.

However, for the last week or so, our skies have been gloomy as in the picture below.  What's up with this?  The moving truck is arriving in a week, and I could really use some of the lovely, sunny Nevada weather that we're used to.  There will be plenty of cloudy days back in Kansas.  I don't need them now.

I bought new fabric yesterday morning, and it is all Mrs. P.'s fault.  ;-)  She asked me via email if I was having quilting withdrawal.  Yes, I am!  I'm missing rummaging through my fabrics that are all packed, and I'm missing my sewing machine.  The one saving grace is my hand-pieced New York Beauty project.  But Mrs. P.'s question got me to thinking....  I counted the NYB blocks I have left to do, and at the rate that I'm finishing them, I'm going to be done with them BEFORE we get to Kansas.  Ack!  I can't be without any quilting to do at all.

Since I have the colored pieces of a new Drunkard's Path cut, that project is all ready to go if I cut the off-white as I go along.

Naturally, the off-white tone on tone that I bought for the project is packed with some glassware somewhere.  So I had to buy more.  This fabric isn't exactly the same as the original but it will do.

But feeling as deprived as I do, I couldn't stop there.  Oh no, I had to have 4 yards of the this bit of loveliness.  I do have a recipient in mind for the quilt I will eventually make from this.  Until today, I didn't even know I was making a quilt for this couple. 

So thanks Mrs. P.!

New York Beauties:
Speaking of New York Beauties, here are the latest:

I've got only 24 left to do--about twelve days work.

A Giveaway:
Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict is having a giveaway to celebrate her birthday.  How awesome is that?  She's got a couple of great prizes.  Be sure to check it out here.

Bloggers Quilt Festival:
The 2010 Autumn edition of the Blogger's Quilt Festival begins October 29th.  It's open to all manner of blogger quilty-ness.  Check out the guidelines at Amy's Creative Side and join in the fun!

Monday Miscellaneous Suspended Briefly:
There will be no further posts to this blog after Saturday, October 30th, until we have arrived in Kansas and have phone/DSL service--sometime around November 8th.  It's a long time for me to be without access to my email buddies and bloggy friends.  So I'm trying to prepare myself for the lack.

On November 2nd, we'll head down this road to Las Vegas and points east.


  1. wow, snow in the mountains. Looks very cold.
    NYB look great.
    Good luck with moving and getting settled in.

  2. the quilt is gorgeous. I'm sure you are going to miss the mountains a bit after you are settled into Kansas and the humidity summer will bring. Very good luck for a smooth move and look forward to hearing from you when you get settled.

  3. So sorry about your weather - hopefully it will clear up and be beautiful for your move! Thanks for the plug about the giveaway! I'll miss your blogposts, but I have two words for you - free wi-fi! Surely there's a Panera or something in Kansas!!! Good luck with the move and we'll be here when you get back!

  4. I dragged out the SAD lamp today for the first time this season. I highly recommend it for your Kansas winter.

    Oh, oh, oh, where to begin on your fabric and quilt loveliness?! Love the aqua/paisley fabric! Love your scrappy drunkard's path layout! Always love seeing your NYB block progress.

    You know what I'm gonna hate? Being out of contact for a week or so during your move. Wah.

  5. Okay Nevada is just trying to pave the way for your move by behaving somewhat like Kansas...That way you wont feel like you're missing the sun.

    I'm happy to take the rap for being a fabric enabler.

    The drunkards path is gorgeous and so is the paisley fabric. NTB is coming along nicely. When I come to visit you'll have to show me how to do those.

    I'm going to miss you when you're incommunicado. I know it's only 8 days but thats too long!

  6. As you were a fabric enabler for me I return the enableness (?). You can never have enough fabric, and we can't have you being without quilting.
    8 days, eek, but with everything else you are doing it should fly by. We will be quietly (we will, Mrs P probably won't, when is Shay ever quiet) waiting for your return.
    Your fabric purchases look fab and I love your NYB blocks.

  7. I'm going to miss your mountain/desert scenery. Be sure to post lots of quilty pictures to make up for it. I love seeing all the hand sewing you do. Most of my hand sewing looks like it was done by a two year old with the hiccups.

  8. So I took off the whole week of Thanksgiving. And the weekend prior. And weekend after. And the Friday and Monday preceding and following those.


  9. We can't wait to see you all! :-) :-)

  10. The drunkards path is really beautiful. I think that is so neat that you draw out and color your patterns before making them. Good idea! Your NYBs are stunning! I can't believe you can get them done that fast! I got as far as buying a pattern and some fabric and that was it.

    We will miss you while you are moving and waiting for a connection at your new and lovely home.

  11. Your fabrics are wonderful! And you NYB are outstanding! You really are making great progress. Can't wait to see how that quilt will look.
    All the best of luck with the move. Take care of yourself, and get plenty of rest along the way.

  12. Wow Michelle...I am wondering if I have ever met you. I lived in Sandy Valley and started my little quilt shoppe in a tuff shed out there. Moved to Panguitch UT where I opened a shoppe on Main St for 5 years.
    I can't believe how our lives are kind of parallel. We are packing up now and moving to Teneessee! And we are headed out next Sunday...on our way to Quilt Festival...and then straight on to TN!
    We must keep in touch!

  13. Your New York beauties are remarkable! Sew perfect.
    I don't know how you are doing it all with the big move coming up. I would be going crazy!

  14. Nothing like fabric to cheer you up. I think if I lived near Mrs. P I would get into a lot of trouble! LOL ;o)

    Where in Kansas are you moving? You know, I grew up there in the Southeastern part of the state. Had I told you that?

  15. Hi Michelle,
    I just love those New York Beauty blocks! Can't wait to see the finished quilt. And that paisley fabric is so cute. Glad the move is progressing. You must be exhausted!
    Take Care, Karen

  16. Beautiful fabrics, Michelle! Good for you for going out there any get some fabric therapy! :)

    Your New York blocks are absolutely stunning.

  17. I absolutely love that rainbow-y drunkrds path. do you mind if I use your design?

    And I can't belive the progress you're making on the New York beauty quilt. It really is a beauty! I can't wait to see it all together.

    Hope all goes well with the move!

    xo -El

  18. Seeing your photos I'm longing back to the US! The endless roads, mountains etc. Sigh! :) Love the fabrics you have bought, very beautiful! I have said it many times, and I'm saying it again; your NYB's are stunning! Is the Drunkard's Path one of your 2011 projects? You gave me an idea there.... but first of all on my list; WIP's to be finished.


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