Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday Miscellaneous

A Fabulous Giveaway:

Carla at Sew It Up Baby is generously giving away this lovely wall-hanging.

The giveaway lasts through October 14th.  Each person can earn up to 4 chances to win.  Be sure to get on over there and enter.  (Although really, it would be better for me if you didn't, because then my competition wouldn't be so fierce.)  ;-)

Packing the Odd Items:

Have you ever tried to pack an electric guitar and electric bass--neither of which have cases?  It's not easy.

(Charley is supervising)

We got this box at the recycle bin when we were dropping off our recyclables.  A bit of luck there, finding a box that would fit both guitars.  I've tied the guitars to the back of the box.  Padding them proved to be a challenge.  As you can see there are bath mats in the mix.  I used a couple of sheets too.  Then my mom remembered the 1 1/2"  thick piece of foam rubber we'd been saving because it was "just too good to throw away".  For once, saving something like that turned out to be a good thing.  It was just the ticket for padding the guitars.  As long as the movers don't sling the box around too much, they should be okay, I think--I hope.

As for all the other crap we've saved because it was "just too good to throw away", it's either in the trash or will be in next weekend's garage sale.  I don't know how we've accumulated so much stuff in the eight years since we moved to Nevada with nothing but what we could fit in a covered pick-up truck.

Quilting Withdrawal:

Yes, I'm still working on the New York Beauties.   If I've counted right, I have 159 done.  Here's the latest batch: 

Currently, they are my only quilting outlet.  As much as I enjoy doing them, I find that I enjoyed them more after some FMQ on the Juki.  I guess, I need to have my quilting activities mixed up for maximum satisfaction.  The sad thing is, I'm afraid I'm going to get all the blocks done BEFORE I get settled again.  Then what I am going to do?  Kind of ironic considering that back when I started, 196 blocks seemed rather daunting.


  1. That's a pretty creative way to pack those guitars. You were lucky to find just the right size boxes at the recycle place. Your NYB blocks continue to be stunning! If you run out of things to hand piece, I could probably find a UFO around here for you to hand quilt. :)


  3. I think the guitars are now safe. I sent a load of weird shaped stuff to my daughter when she lived in Darwin in a plasma TV box. As long as it survives the journey - it's all good.

    4 more NYB blocks. Totally gorgeous. You're kickin' butt! And if you get those finished -I'll send you some fabric and you can start making me hexies....

  4. You are going to have to watch what you say as I have a whole lot of stuff I can send your way too, to make for me!
    I love your NYB blocks, and that you can make that many. My attention span is about 20 blocks.
    Lucky you found - a just the right size box - for the guitars.
    I have the same trouble as you, keeping things just in case. Then I throw them out after I haven't used them for forever. Of course, I always need them the week after I've thrown them out.

  5. I don't understand what speed you have doing the NYB blocks - lol! My NYB blocks are resting in a corner... I believe your guitars are safe. Yes, I had to pack some odd items when I moved from Norway; it all "survived" in the container, except a couple of glass items that weren't that much of value.

  6. Oh my goodness - Michelle, you have done so well with the NYB blocks. I can't wait to see the quilt finished... but no pressure here. :)

  7. Great job on the NYB!!! Almost done with them...and then the fun begins to piece and play :-)
    I am sure the guitars will hold.
    Best of luck!

  8. I think everyone has to move every 5 years to realize how much stuff gets accumulated.

  9. OH, the joys of moving. Yes, it is amazing the stuff we accumulate.

  10. I loved making the NYB blocks for my stash quilt, every block was different & I couldn't wait to see how each one would turn out.
    BTW I HATE packing, most of ours was done professionally when we were military but I still had to do some & I despised it!

  11. Michelle, your New York Beauty blocks are wonderful! What a big project. I love the colors!
    And you did a great job packing those guitars!
    xo, Karen


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