Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday Miscellaneous

New Blog Name:

Since I no longer reside in the desert, it just seemed wrong to continue as The Desert Quilter. A kind of false advertising (although I honestly doubt that I’ll quilt any differently than I did in the desert). I’m now officially The Prairie Quilter. I tried to think of a funny blog name, like Quilting In My Pyjamas or Confessions of Fabric Addict; I tried to think of a clever play on words like The Way I Sew It or Such a Sew and Sew; or even a blog title with a bit of whimsy like Taradiddle and Malarky. I got zilch, zip, nada. It just seemed a straight shot from The Desert Quilter to the Prairie Quilter, so that’s how it is.

I also have a new email address attached to my blog: michelle_of_the_prairie AT (I'm nothing if not predictable, eh?)  Hopefully, all the blog settings are correct.  When I'm sure the new email address is working well, I'll phase out the old one. It really needs to go. I ordered some meds online and the company must have sold my email address. Now, I'm getting all kinds of ads for viagra amongst other things, and a lot of it is getting by the spam filter. Very irritating.


Unpacking is the gift that keeps on giving. We’re probably about half done. Here’s what happened when I unpacked a box of clocks:

We’re not up to officially placing clocks, pictures, or wall-hangings on the walls yet.  However, the previous tenant left this wall full of screws.  (I’ve been wondering what they had hung there.)  It seemed a good place to “store” the clocks until they find a permanent home.  The interesting thing is that I kind of like it.

The room pictured is the sewing room (please ignore the mess).  Yep it has a wet bar—sink and small fridge.  We’ve got the coffee pot and toaster in place and will be adding a microwave soon.

Cat-Proofing the Kitchen:

Charley may be my quilt inspector, but he doesn’t limit his inspecting to quilts.  Kitchen cabinets are also fair game.  So I’ve been installing latches (no picture) and knobs.  The knobs make it easier to open a cabinet with a latch on it, and it dresses them up a bit.  I’m thankful for all the times I served as my dad’s helper.  Until now, I’d never drilled a hole, but I can’t count the number of times I watched him do it.  It’s coming in very handy.

New Ailment:

I’ve developed a most distressing ailment.  It’s called TripleT Q.  It stands for Too Tired To Quilt.  I haven’t quilted since I left Pahrump—not even hand-piecing on the NYBs.  I so miss it, but the brain just doesn’t have room to think about it.  It’s all unpacking all the time, and then when I can relax a bit in the evening, I’m just too darn tired.  I never thought I’d say that.


I’m still hit and miss on my blog reading.  You don’t know how I miss being able to sit and relax, and just peruse all your quilty loveliness.  However, I do try to reward myself from time to time.  If I’ve missed reading your blog lately, believe me it’s under duress.   The darn boxes just keep demanding attention.


  1. I couldn't think of anything witty and interesting for my blog name either! I have to say the clock picture really tickled me. Its like the international time zones up there.

  2. I can imagine how exhausting all that unpacking must be. I like the temporary wall of clocks. The one with the photos instead of numbers, do you ever say the time is "Michelle o'clock"? Because I know I would. :)

  3. it is tiring moving - packing then unpacking, in your case driving to new destination - it will take a little while to get back on track. Things will get better :)

  4. Hey Michelle! I'm so glad you made it! :o) I hope you finish those boxes soon. I think the Prairie Quilter is a fabulous name. Suits just fine. PS...Newton looks exactly as I remembered it from 20 years ago! LOL!

  5. That wall of clocks reminds me of Doc Brown in "Back to the Future." Tell me...are you driving a Delorean these days???

  6. OK - let's get the priorities straight! When you wake up in the morning, quilt first (even if just for a little while!) then unpack!! You'll feel better and I bet the unpacking will go faster because you're also getting to do something you want to do!

    I love the clock wall - very eclectic - and I am so honored that you like my blog name!! And I would so love to have a fridge in my sewing room.......

  7. I like the new name. It's not predictable its who you are!

    Unpacking is the pits. I havent had to do it for 10 years and I hope not to have to do it again for some time. (Famous last words)

    Love the clocks exactly where they are. I think you should leave them there.

    And eventually when you get settled quilting will happen. Your head is still full of moving details at the moment and it's hard to feel creative when your brain is already full!

    It's so good you're back though!

  8. I think The Prairie Quilter is perfect.
    I haven't had to unpack for 12 years, I'm not looking forward to it when I move eventually. ( no I'm not moving in the foreseeable future.)
    Pleased to see you back on the internet and posting. Love the clocks on the wall.
    There are just some times that craftiness doesn't appear, it will come back soon.

  9. I also love the clocks! I think you should leave them! I understand the pains of unkpacking. We move about every 2 or 3 years. I keep having more and more boxes that don't get unpacked! I need to just take them to Goodwill and let them open them. I must not be missing whatever is in them! This move I got my sewing room finished before I got others rooms finished! You will get it all done - just take your time! Glad you are blogging and visiting.

  10. I think TTTQ is going around because I've had it too. Moving is huge. Hope the unpacking is going well and well come to an end soon! I like your wall of clocks too.

    xo -El

  11. P.S. I thought my blog name was very unoriginal as compared to some. I like Prairie quilter. I think it suits.

  12. Seems you are off to a good start - both in the new house and in blogland.
    Don't worry if you miss our latest blog entry. We know you are busy adapting, and so we are patience until you can return.
    Good luck with fitting everything in a place, and Cat-proofing the house.

  13. Glad you made it safely to your new home. Unpacking takes time. You will be able to sew soon.
    The new name works. I am not very good a titles either.

  14. I like the 'clock' wall. I have a friend who actually collects clocks.
    I hear you on being too tired to sew. You're not the only one who goes through this. I love how you have named the syndrome!!
    Good luck with everything!

  15. Michelle,

    I was just thinking to myself wondering if you were going to change your blog name!!!!!

  16. Hey, I have had four clocks on the end of my kitchen cupboard before. They all were apple themed, and often got comments. Notice, I didn't say complements, I mostly got teased for being so time conscious. I loved my clocks. This kitchen has cupboards too shallow, or I would've done it again.

    Keep unpacking, you'll be so much happier when you feel settled in!

  17. Michelle, I love your new name! and step by step you'll claim your new space. And there shall be quilting! Being in transition is never easy, and I think you are doing very well. Hang in there! we are all rooting for you!


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