Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday Miscellaneous


I'm afraid dear readers that you're doomed to listen to me whine about painting in the same vein that we listened to Mrs. P. of Quilting in My Pyjamas whine about kitchen renovations.  And so it begins.

We had four days in the house before our furniture arrived, and we didn't pass the time idly.  No, we began painting immediately.  Decided we had just enough time to prime and paint behind where the fridge and washer & dryer would go.  Here is a picture of that work:

Then our walls sat like that for three and a half weeks.  Today we finally got back to it.  Got the remainder of the laundry room primed today.  The previous owners did something a bit odd; they painted the door with flat paint instead of semi-gloss.  You can see how grubby it is near the knob.  We'll be using semi-gloss.

In priming, I realized that part of the issue with the paint job in the house is not just the color, but that these shades seem to suck the light out of the room.  It may also be because they used a flat paint, as opposed to the satin paint we are using.  Not sure.  Just know I'm tired of walking around and feeling like it's dark in every room.  (Really, I'm not crazy.)

Joined A Gym:

On Saturday, my mom and I joined a gym for the first time in our lives.  We know the Kansas winter will preclude any outdoor activities like walking much of the time.  In Nevada, we could almost always go out and walk at some part of the day.  But I'm excited about having access to the weight machines.  I've got creaky knees--which I'd like to blame on old age, but I've had them since my late 20's.  My uncle, the physical therapist, told me what he would recommend to strengthen the knees, and the exercises really require weight machines.  We've got our orientation appointment tomorrow afternoon at 3PM.

Latest Book Read:

Undue Influence by Steve Martini
Genre:  Mystery/Courtroom Drama

This is the 2nd book I've read by this author.  Steve Martini has written a series of books featuring defense attorney Paul Madriani.  The basic formula is that the attorney must solve the mystery in order to defend his client.  Good mysteries with a twist.  The courtroom action is intriguing because it demonstrates how the same set of circumstantial evidence can be viewed logically in two or more ways.  Also a little unsettling for the same reason since it must play out in real life in a similar way.

I hope you all have wonderful days in the week ahead.


  1. I love Steve Martini - I've read lots of his books and enjoyed every one! And when the painting starts to frustrate you, just remember how pretty and clean it's going to look when it's done!

  2. you will like your house nice and bright with white paint - I no so many darker colors are in vogue right now, but with white you can do so much decorating to add splashes of color.
    I need to do more work on my knees too. We belong to a fitness center also - all kinds of machines, basketball court, walking track - our winters in Arkansas vary so much between wind, rain, snow, ice in the winter time and then so humid in the summer that I use the center year round.

  3. You are on good roll, Michelle, the non-fattening kind! It's good to make so many improvements all around the home and in your habits. How neat to join a gym with your Mom. And painting also helps to make the place feel cleaner and your own. I'm happy there is so much positive in your home purchase, too.

  4. Good luck with the painting. That is a big job and I commend you for doing it. Oh, and good on you for joining a gym. Hope you love it.

    xo -El

  5. One of the more difficult transitions in my life was the knowledge that simply purchasing our home gym wasn't enough - we actually had to use it in order for it to work! My wife LOVES to buy Taebo DVDs. Then sit on the couch and watch them. For the life of her, she can't figure out why they don't work. FYI - you're going to have to *go* there and stuff.

    Given our diet of starch & starch this past holiday, we're re-doubling our efforts these next three weeks in order to guiltlessly enjoy our next holiday. For the sake of all I hold precious, no wine will touch these lips until I see you next.

    I've not read Steve Martini though I have seen his books. You know which book I'm waiting for your take on...

    Lastly, save me some painting if that will lessen your burden. Might as well use me while I'm there!

  6. Good luck on the painting. The current paint sucking the light out of the room--that's a great way to put it. Kudos for joining the gym! I think having a buddy like your mom helps you both stay motivated (and feel less intimidated).

  7. Good luck with the painting,it's looking better already. It's amazing how some seemingly light colours can completely suck the light out of the room instead of reflecting it back.
    I'm trying hard not to whine about the 3 weeks it has taken to renovate my verandahs, when I was assured it would take less than a week, on the home stretch now (I hope).
    Hope you both enjoy going to the gym, it's great that you can go together.
    Haven't read Steve Martini's books yet, I'll have to go to the library to check them out.

  8. I've read a couple of books by Steve Martini. They're a great read.

    Good Luck with your painting. It feels never ending. I may have to avoid those posts because of the flashbacks....

  9. I have a few rooms to paint also. I always think I will get to it next week, but next week never comes. Glad to see I am not the only one who makes a paint job last a long time.

    The books sounds good. I might pick it up this Christmas. I usually only read over the holidays. I feel reading is a special thing to do and don't allow myself too much time for it.

    Glad you are joining a gym. I am sure it will help what ails you!

    Glad to see you are adjusting to your new life.

  10. Good for you for joining the gym. I love going, it clears my head and I do feel better afterwards.

    I think I have painted about every room in my house these last 24 yrs. I have since retired and hire out, I absolutely HATE it. LOL!

  11. Look at the difference in that wall - wow. You're going to love it nice and bright. My hubby used flat paint everywhere one time, I don't know what he was thinking but I set him straight! That stuff is impossible to clean.

    Good for you on joining the gym. We recently joined the Y, and it's odd to feel my body moving again, lol. With bad feet, fibro and arthritis, I really needed it. Wish I had started way sooner.

    The book sounds good - I'll check him out, thanks!

  12. You are doing great - painting the house, getting to know the community and streets,... I think you are going to fit in nicely.
    I am not so at ease in a gym. I prefer my own personal, private space. But, if I want to join a Pilates group (which I have been planning for over a year now) I will need to learn to share space.
    The difference on that wall in the photo is mind shattering!

  13. Good luck with the painting. Its always a mystery what other people were thinking when they painted the houses we move into!

    Rather you than me with the gym, I used to go in my early 20s but always hated it. Then I stopped and got fat!

  14. You sure are making full use of your time, my friend. :)


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