Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday Miscellaneous

Out of Sight, Out of Mind No More:

Last winter I began hand-quilting the Scrappy Star, then put away in April or May when it became too hot to hold it on my lap.  When I packed it away for the move, it was still too warm to hold on my lap to quilt.  The unpacking was a different story.  I'm now back at work on it with a handful of blocks left to do, and some work on the borders.  I'm seeing a strong possibility of being able to finish it some time this winter.

Cousin's Visit:

My cousin, Lori and her husband Eric are visiting this week, spending time between her mom's house and ours.  Lori and I haven't seen one another in 10 years, and yet except for catching up on the miscellaneous of our lives, in some ways it seems like we'd just seen each other yesterday.  It's always been like that with us.

We took a photo tour of Newton yesterday.  Eric is a wonderful photographer.  He couples an artist's eye with a bit of whimsy.  I think (I hope) he plan to share some of the pictures with me so I can share with you.

Copying is the Highest Form of Flattery:

Last week, P. from The Way I Sew It shared the commercials she found funny.  It got me to thinking about my favorite commercial.  Here it is:  (I hope you enjoy it too.)


  1. Wow, your scrappy stars quilt is so pretty! The hand quilting is amazing. Can't wait to see the big finish! Glad you're getting all settled in and back to quilting. I got a chuckle out of the Jeep commercial.

    xo -El

  2. LOL!!!
    Love your stars quilt. I am curious to see how it will look when finished...

  3. I love that commercial - and I appreciate the reminder, as I had completely forgotten about it! Your blocks are beautiful - I can't wait to see what the finished quilt will look like. Stars always morph into so much more than the individual blocks, it seems...

  4. I love your star blocks! That should keep you nice and warm as you quilt it this winter. I love that commercial too, but my favorite is still the Riverdance Monkeys from Arby's - cracks me up every time. They should make more funny commercials, they tend to stick in your mind better.

  5. Beautiful scrappy stars Michelle.
    You seem to be settling in very well to your new life as The Prairie Quilter.
    I've seen that Jeep commercial,not sure how or when though, it's great isn't it.

  6. scrappy stars is wonderful - bet you won't get too warm for several months to come and can really make some head way on the quilting.
    Always nice to visit with family when you can pick up where you left off. My sister and I are like that, we only see each once every year or two but it always seems like yesterday.

  7. We had the Jeep commercial here (with Australian voiceovers no less) They do that a bit here ...your ads , our voices. I loved that ad !

    Way to go on the scrappy star. The blocks look beautiful

    It seems like just yesterday I was girzzling about our winter starting and all of you having sun for summer and now the tables have turned. It was 90 here yesterday and summer offically starts in 7 days !

    Enjoy the time with your cousin. And in case I forget - have a lovely Thanksgiving!

  8. First off, I love the scrappy stars! I bet it's going to be gorgeous hand quilted.

    Sounds like a nice visit with your cousin and her husband. Looking forward to photos if you can share them.

    Fun Jeep commercial! I hadn't seen that one before.

  9. I am having a great time seeing you again. Seems like old times.
    Getting to see and touch your quilts has been fun.
    I don't want to leave.

  10. Your involvement with the phototour is what breathed life into those pictures for me - Sine qua non; they would mean nothing to me. I am downright excited to get them to you.

    Yay Newton!

  11. Those blocks are gorgeous Michelle, and the ad is very funny!
    happy Thanksgiving Prairie Girl!


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