Friday, January 14, 2011

Into the Pillowcase-Making Fray

I've been admiring the custom-made pillowcases that have been making an appearance on various blogs lately, thinking that they look like they would be fun to make. So I was really glad when an opportunity, in the form of a young cousin's birthday, allowed me to give it a shot.

According to his mother, this soon to be 11 year old is into skulls. I'll admit, I haven't used much skull fabric in my quilts, although I won't say never.  I have a turquoise print bearing small skulls in my stash.  Yes, you have to look closely to tell they are skulls, but they are skulls nonetheless.  I have added this fabric to a couple of my scrappy quilts.

That said, it was with glee that I used the large print skull fabric to make these:

I used the tutorial posted on Vanilla Joy.  It's a great tutorial.  I did have to make modifications to her instructions due to the directionality of my fabric.  That wasn't difficult.  However, it did require more fabric.

My supposition was correct: Custom pillowcases are fun to make.


  1. And I'm thinking I need to make some, because they'll look so much nicer than the plain ones I have on my bed! Yours are very cool!!

  2. They look great even with the skulls :). I might have to try some sometime if they are easy.

  3. These young kids and their skulls! My girls had purses with them, name it!
    Your pillowcases are great. I demo the 'burrito' way (some call it hot dog, some...taco) at shows until I'm hoarse.
    It is amazing how it gets you hooked!
    Have a great weekend!

  4. What is it with the skulls, lol! Those look great, I may try this sometime - although I'm partial to vintage pillowcases!

  5. Great pillowcases, Michelle! Your cousin is going to love them. What's up with the skulls thing? I saw baby clothes with skulls and a bow. That's crazy, isn't it? Who would dress their sweet baby in a bow-topped skull top? LOL

    Thanks for the link. I've been wanting to make some for myself. I want some in silk. :o)

  6. Beautiful Michelle. Just beautiful.

    And aren't they easy to do ! I'm seeing skulls everywhere I go. Must be the pirate influence!

  7. I am not going to show this to Norm because he will want some!

    They really are cool! Warning: They're kind of addictive once you start making them!

  8. Great job. One of my brothers is also into sculls...Never could quite get it though...

  9. Sew fun! I love making pillowcases! Yours turned out great! What a thoughtful gift!

    xo -El

  10. I have yet to make pillow cases, but it has been - is - in my mind. Yours are so cool! I'm sure the birthday-boy will love them to pieces! :)

  11. Yes,they are fun to make. I have made several myself. I love to make them out of flannel for wintertime.


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