Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday Miscellaneous

New Year's Resolutions:

Nothing quilty to show again this week, although I am making progress hand-quilting the Scrappy Star.  At this rate I'll have to re-name the blog.  Change it from the Prairie Quilter to Whatever Strikes My Fancy.   However, I have made a quilt-related New Year's Resolution:  to give more thought to naming my quilts.  Yeah, I know, I'm really knocking myself out with this one.  It sounds like a rather weenie resolution, however, I have discovered that naming quilts really is not my forte.  So I'll turn my attention to it this year.

A Special Birthday:

You've met my cousin Lori.  I may have mentioned we share the same birthday?  (I know I've posted this picture before, and I'm posting it again because it makes me happy.  It captures how we are together. )

Due to the time of year our birthday comes, December 30th, it often gets overlooked--even by ourselves.  Who needs another holiday between Christmas and New Years?  Our family made sure this year that did not happen.  Bless them.

We got time away from our responsibilities to buzz down to Wichita and visit Hancock's and Hobby Lobby.  How cool is that?  It was interesting to see how much Lori's crafting overlapped with my quilting.  Then we had a quiet lunch together.

Time spent with her is a like a balm on my soul.

Oh and then there were the special t-shirts:  Birfday Twins.  Thank you Eric!

Nobody believed we'd wear them outside of the house.  HA!  We did one better, by adding the fleece boas that Lori made, before heading out to eat Mexican food.  We got a few stares.

(I cut myself out of this picture because I looked like a total dweeb--eyes closed.)  I couldn't believe how warm those fleece boas are.  Better than a knitted scarf, in my opinion.

Our birthday was in a word:  AWESOME.

Fun and Games:

The rest of the week had its share of silliness.  Newton is home to this blue sky sculpture you see in the background behind me.

And these two..., (I'll refrain from using the word art) figures.  Eric and I couldn't resist having a bit of fun:


I hate to think of all the wonderful posts I've missed.  And I apologize.  I am so behind on my blog-reading, I fear I may never catch up.  (But hey, partying like you're 47 eats up time!)


  1. I love how close you are with your cousin - I have some cousin's - not a lot - and really I know none of them - distance separated us all when we were growing up and without the internet in those days it was family reunions every now and then (rarely) so never really got to know any of them. I actually have not even met 2 of my younger cousins who are now in their mid 30's I think. My parents were not close with their siblings - the only ones I new well had children either quite a bit older or one that is quite a bit younger.


  2. This post just makes me smile right along with your pictures. Looks like you all had so much fun. What a great way to spend your birthdays!

  3. Michelle Im so glad you had a happy birthday. The Tshirt idea is such fun.

    Dont try to catch up sweetie just join in where you left off- you probably didnt miss much you cant live without while you were off having a blast.

  4. So pleased you had such a great time on your birthday. The fleece boas are a great idea, aren't they.
    I agree with Shay don't worry about trying to catch up with all the posts.
    I spent one evening naming all my quilts, it took ages for the first one then the rest just came to me really easily, I was surprised, but very pleased.

  5. Wah - you're making me miss my favorite cousin! So glad you had a great birthday, I think it's important especially when it's so close to Christmas - you MUST celebrate. The t-shirts are awesome and so are the boas, good for you both on wearing them!
    Those 'sculptures' are strange, to say the least, lol....

    Girl, don't try to catch up with posts. START OVER. Life happens!

  6. I agree with the general consensus - just start fresh on the blogposts! Otherwise we'll miss out on you even more! I'm glad you and your cousin had so much fun - I used to spend my whole summer with my cousins when I was a kid, and I miss those days!

    On the subject of naming quilts, I find myself sometimes naming mine for a song that was running through my head while I quilted, or for a play on the name of the fabric I used. Other times I'm completely at a loss for what to name one - but I have to name it, or I get mixed up on which one is which! So good luck, and if you come up with a good system, be sure to let us know!

  7. Don't worry about quantity in your quilting. Quality is what it is about and you do some really great quality quilts. Everything you finished last year was SO beautiful. Stick with Prairie Quilter. I think it suits.

    Also, loved seeing all your birthday pictures. I'm so glad you had such a nice time! Everybody deserves to feel special on their special day. I'm glad you got a whole week in to make up for some of the years when it wasn't so spectacular.

    xo -El

  8. P.S. That leather jacket of yours is fabulous!

  9. Oh, to have the fun of a friend, cousin even, to share such a special day, I'm happy for you! We need a day that we can be silly like a kid again. I bet you enjoyed it even more at 47, than you would've younger, since there have been more experiences to share. There is more to us than our quilts, so thanks for letting us in!

  10. I can see from the photos how much fun you two had on your birthdays! The T-shirt idea is just great. Don't worry about posts you have missed. I've missed a lot too, due to that darn I-net connection. And life is much more than reading quilting blogs! :))


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