Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday Miscellaneous

Tweaking the House:

Like Shay, at Quilting in My Pyjamas before me, it seems that this blog has temporarily turned into a litany of renovations, albeit comparatively minor.

Our new house is not very old.  It was built just three years ago.  Oddly enough, there is not a single medicine cabinet in any of the bathrooms.

While my mother (my conspirator in home renovation) and I are up for learning new things, and have had some experience in making small repairs, neither of us wanted to tackle installing a classic medicine cabinet--one that is inset in the sheet rock.  Instead we bought one of the over-the-toilet cabinets that can be purchased at any Wal-mart.


Fabric Sale:

So what would any quilter do when faced with a sale from Thousands of Bolts?  An end of the year sale in which the fabrics were running from $2.95/yd to $3.50/yd?  Why, buy 28 yards of course!

PhD Challenge:

I'm pleased to say I'm on the downhill side of one my Projects Half Done Challenge quilt.  I have finished the hand-quilting, and have begun FMQ the last two borders.  I attempted to take a picture of the quilting, but my thread blends so well, that none of the pictures show much.  It will be very nice to have this very old project completed.


  1. Love the new cabinet, Michelle. But I really LOVE your fabric. Hadn't heard of Thousand Bolts. On my way to check it out. Happy Monday! :o)

  2. Lovely medicine cabinet.
    You bought some very beautiful fabrics. Who CAN resist a sale like that???!!!
    Congratulations on getting the first PHD quilt finished...nearly finished. It does feel soooo good to finish something that has been waiting in the closet for some time.

  3. have fun with all that fabric - best time to buy is at the sales!! with fabric prices going up it will be best to stock up when we can.

  4. Lovely fabric, Michelle! I'm jealous, but on a fabric diet, so none for me until March! I do wish we could post progress reports on the PhD challenge website - I think it would give us some extra inspiration! But I'm plugging away at a couple of mine too - hopefully will get some done on each today (snow day!)

  5. Nice job installing the cabinet, Michelle. Perfect spot for something so useful.

    Love the fabric! That purple paisley on the top? Ooh, I'm going to have to go look for some of that!

  6. Oh, what lovely fabrics! And the little medicine cabinet you have in your bathroom is the same one I have in mine. Great minds think alike! Oh, and congrats on nearing completion of a Ph.D! Way to go!

    xo -El

  7. Great job of installing the cabinet, Michelle, you can come over to my place and install stuff for me too, please!
    Love all your fabric purchases, really lovely and bright, I agree with Janean!

  8. I cant believe you didnt tell me someone was having a fabric sale ! Love your bargains, they're so pretty.

    Until 10 years ago I did all my own handyperson work - now I have Mr. P and have lost every skill I ever possessed. You did a bang up job of installing the medicine cabinet. Go girl !

  9. Very nice wall cabinet - I like those better than the ones that go between the studs. Great fabric girl, good for you on the challenge!

  10. Why have a medicine cabinet when you can have a great big mirror? Maybe the previous owners were more concerned with seeing every single hair on their heads, rather than having a convenient storage place for all the sundry items that tend to collect in bathrooms. You have now made it possible for both! Congrats!

    Fabric sales are awesome, though I haven't gone to one in a while. I love that bright blue fabric right in front. I can't wait to see what you do with it! I'm sure it will be awesome.

  11. Your bathroom looks so much better with the new cabinet! Yummy fabric you have bought. Good progress on the PHD, I see. Doesn't it feel good?! :)


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