Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday Miscellaneous


A good portion of North America can look out their own front doors and see this sight.  My Arizona relatives are the exception.  They delight in describing sitting on their patio in their shorts--the lucky bastards.  (Is my envy obvious?)  I always tell myself that weather like this makes for good quilting opportunities.  But just as the snow blankets the ground, it blankets my enthusiasm as well.

I feel like a weenie for whining about our normal winter weather given that Mother Nature just saw fit to drown a section of Australia twice the size of Texas, and yet here I am doing it anyway.

I have to admire quilters like Karen at Quilts...Etc. who continues to quilt with vigor throughout all of the seasons and even a car accident.  Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict is also incredibly prolific.  Most of her quilts go to charity.

So this Monday, if you want to see some quilty eye-candy, I suggest visiting these two blogs.  Me?  I'm going to the liquor store.


  1. You are too funny girlie! I cracked up at your post. Believe it or not I think most of us get like you are. Maybe the rest of us just don't admit it.
    When we lived in Utah...I was the same way. It was so cold I didn't want to do anything...but snuggle under the covers and watch movies.
    PS...just a note...I'm headed to AZ....don't hate me...

  2. Aw, it's not so bad, is it? Take a dose of vitamin D and some St. John's Wart, and keep looking in on those productive blogs, they do inspire you. I'm sending my sunshine-y thoughts your way, Michelle...

  3. How sweet of you to mention my blog! I completely understand how you feel, though - the weather makes me want to curl up with a good book myself. The quilt ministry keeps me moving, out of necessity - we had six quilts requested last week! And I will say that quilting keeps my eyes on my machine and pretty fabric instead of on the weather!

    Gotta go check the most recent blogpost now and see if there's good eye candy on there! ;-)

  4. I sure know how it is to feel stuck in neutral sometimes. When that happens and I'm looking at all the other eye candy out there but not creating my own, I tell myself I'm "filling the well." I.e., gathering up those creative impressions for the future. (It's a term from Julia Cameron's book, The Artist's Way.) I bet it'll pass soon.

  5. thanks for mentioning me - I can't stand sitting around doing nothing - even after being in a car accident - it took me 3 days before I did anything and my hubby was surprised I sat and did nothing but sleep and sit for 3 days!
    I am a winter wimp also - I can't stand the cold and already want it to be spring.

  6. I'm not seeing that view out of my window, either, Michelle. ;) I hope you get your inspiration back soon — but I did LOL at your last line. ;)

  7. We received a huge dump of snow over the weekend and today it is -17 Celsius in the sun, it is damn cold today. I don't want you to drink alone so I too am heading to the liqueur store, well after my truck warms up for an hour. Cheers!

  8. Now that made me laugh. I think you have been hanging around Shay and I too long, calling them bastards, lmao!!!!
    You can be a weenie for whining all you want, I'm sure I'll be whining about too much sun and heat by the end of next week!!!!!
    I had the same problem when it was so wet here, perfect for staying inside and quilting. I probably had the least productive week in a year, oh well, might just join you at the liquor store!!!!

  9. Wait for me -I'll come with you!

    The weather here is nothing like that but I'm still in a funk today regardless.

    Congratulations on writing "bastard" in a blog post. Made me laugh!

  10. I think the dose of snow and freezing degrees I got when I visited Norway before Christmas was more than enough! Love being back in the tropics - and whine over the hot and humid weather these days! :))

  11. ROFL!!! It zaps my productivity too - just want to snuggle down and read. Blogs or books, I'm all covered up and not doing a darn thing!

  12. I have had no urge for productivity for the last couple of weeks. Maybe it's weather related. I never thought of that. I'm a northern girl in a southern state so the rare snowfalls are actually fun for me. It's true that I haven't felt like doing anything except watching movies. I highly recommend Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. A very funny take on Hamlet!

    P.S. I received a fun little package from you! Love it!!!! Thanks so much!

  13. Michelle, I'm sorry you're feeling under the weather. Winter is my least favorite season. It is dark and cold for the better part of every day and it is a real downer. The doctor told me that when it is dreary and cold outside, a little vitamin D supplement helps (2000 units per day) because we're not getting enough from the natural sunlight.

    Hope you're feeling creative and happy soon!

    xo -El

  14. winter time can drain us of our happiness. Hopefully it has melted by now. It looks like we will gets tons of rain and not snow. Yippee!


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