Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday Miscellaneous

It's the Little Things in Life:

In this case, my new Apple I-pod Shuffle.  I bought it in hopes it would help inspire me to get out and walk more.  The fact that Apple sells these teeny music libraries in various colors, allowing me to coordinate with my custom-made purse, is just an added perk. 

I spent Saturday night adding the music to it.  When I began the selection process, I realize just how varied my tastes have become.  135 songs later, my I-pod is filled with rock, reggae, classical, traditional, Latin, blues, and my cousin-in-law's music mixes.  (He allows anyone to download his themed mixes for free, so don't hesitate to take advantage.)  The only genres unlikely to be represented are country and rap, but even then I occasionally run across songs in those genres I like too.

Beyond the Mortal Coil:

For a period of years, my dad and I wrote short stories and novels together.  I freely admit that he was the imagination behind the endeavor.  I had a few non-fiction articles published, but fiction thus far has not proven to be my forte.  The last book, Beyond the Mortal Coil, was reviewed by an editor at Ballantine.  We were so excited to have the manuscript under consideration by a big New York publisher. 

The editor had the manuscript for 3 or 4 months.  When he'd finished with it, he sent us a glowing review that said, the book was well-written with good plotting and characters; very original, but since it didn't fit in any specific genre, he did not know how to market it, and therefore was turning it down.  Really?  WTF?  Every publisher's website claims to want original stories.  I guess they forgot the caveat ~ but don't make them too original.

The manuscript has since made it through 3 computers with me, getting transferred every time.  Now technology has caught up making it easy for authors to self-publish.  I've used Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing and now have the digital version available for purchase

And the hard copy version is in the works.  The proof has been mailed to me. 

Now, I just need to become an expert in marketing.  If anyone has any suggestions, don't be shy!


  1. I really must load some new music onto my Ipod....

    I'll wait for the hard copy version since I dont have a kindle . Im looking forward to reading it.

  2. that is so awesome.

  3. First of all, Great Job, on the new format for your Gypsy Quilter. I really love the collage effect. And kudos for all your work in figuring out and pursuing the self-publishing. I mean, how cool is that!

  4. I {heart} my iPod. I have a 16GB 4G Nano. I love to make my music which me. I find it especially nice to have it when I'm gardening or machine quilting.

    Also, a book!?! Wow! That is really cool! Congrats and I hope it goes well for you!

    xo -E

  5. I'm so happy for you to be a published author, that is really cool! My SIL is a writer, too, unpublished. I will be looking for the book, but I'd order from you, since I want your autograph!!!

  6. Best of luck with the book. I will definily get my copy. Ask Madam Sam over at Stash Manicure (if she is still there) to help with marketing - it was het previous job!

  7. I just read the first chapter of your book on Amazon and had to buy it so I could read the rest! And I posted my purchase to Facebook with a little blurb about you and the book, so maybe that will help promote sales! It's really good - I can't wait to see what happens!


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