Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday Miscellaneous

Christmas Gifts:

I was the ever so fortunate recipient of this lovely piece of quilt-work from P. at The Way I Sew It:

The colors, the funky designs in the fabric, coupled with the black border..., well, it just makes me happy.  Every time

I left it on the floor, where I could admire it no matter where I sat, until this fuzz butt quilt inspector decided she needed to test her claws on it.

To quickly remove this already cherished piece from danger, I grabbed it and put it on the back of the couch.
It looked so good, that there is remains.

I also received a lovely purse and tissue holder (although I keep my driver's license and credit cards in it) from my mom at Suzi's Stitchin'.  She is one talented lady. 

She used all my very most favorite colors in the creation  Talk about "custom made!"

A Tale of Two Table Wall-hangings:

For Christmas I got on a handmade kick.  I showed off some of my work here and here.  But there were two items I didn't show because the recipients read my blog.

The first was made for P. at The Way I Sew It:

The second was made for my cousin:

Same pattern ~ one I've decided I like a lot.  I enjoyed seeing it made up in two different fabric groupings.  While my cousin's uses the traditional Christmas colors, I used one of the later Christmas fabric collections for P.'s.  (Actually, I won that bunch of fabric in a giveaway a year and half ago, so it was nice to finally use it.)

I put the border around P.'s, but as I knew my cousin would likely use hers as a table-topper on a very specific table, I left the border off.  The border would have made it too large for the table. 

I am quite pleased with them both.

If you look carefully, you'll see that besides the color and the border the two are not exactly alike.  

When I was making P.'s, I accidentally inverted the pieces attached to the center square.  I decided it looked pretty cool and left it that way.  I think I may actually like it better, design-wise.  A happy accident.

And I must add that I really enjoyed quilting these. The free motion holly ~ well, it's organic, and proved to be a lot of fun to do. I remember when I started free motion quilting, I was terrified.  Now an unquilted project is my playground! (Cue the maniacal laughter.)


  1. The gifts you received are lovely, and I love love love the little quilt you made for P.! I saw it on her blog and thought it was gorgeous- especially the quilting! And your lucky cousin, to get one too! Good work. And I'm so glad you are over the hump on FMQ - you do beautiful work!!

  2. You have some wonderful treasures there! Lovel the purse and tissue holder.
    Those table mats/wallhangings are lovely. You did well.

  3. I am honored that Fuzz Butt (I love that moniker, though I know it's not the cat's real name) decided to give it her special approval! ;) Seriously though, I'm glad you are enjoying it!

    It's amazing how the two that you made look so different and each have their own personality.

    I want to be like you one day, where I see the unquilted space as my playground. I've got a ways to go!

  4. Lots of eye candy here Michelle.
    Look at your quilting, it's great! Fabulous!

  5. I really love those Christmas quilts! You did such a beautiful job, especially with the quilting! I think I like flipped pieces in P's quilt too. Where did you get the pattern?

    That purse and tissue holder are so cute & I love the place you found for P's little quilt!

    Great post!

    xo -E

  6. I love having P's mini quilt on our love seat. It really brightens it up--such lovely vibrant colors.

    I'm in awe of your FMQ expertise. The table toppers really show how accomplished you are becoming. Can I have one of these next Christmas!?! Hint, hint:)

  7. Love those wall hanging/table topper creations Michelle, and I think the inversion looks fabulous!

    Your Mum is a talented lady indeed. I wish my Mum would whip me up something like that !

    And P's mini quiltlet - gorgeous !

  8. OH, that quilt on your couch is so pretty. A very nice touch.
    And the quilts you made, love them. Such a cool block.


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