Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Miscellaneous


I am not a huge fan of panels.  However, last year when I saw this panel of twelve different delightful fairies, well, I had to have it. 

One of twelve fairies
Had no clue what I was going to do with it.  I considered making a quilt for my then 8 year old cousin, but I did not get it done.  It's interesting what changes occur in a child in one seemingly short year.  Now at 9 soon to be 10, she is really too old for fairies.  She is currently into zebra stripes.

However, I recently got news that another of my cousins and his wife are expecting a baby girl in April.  The fairies will be well-used in a baby quilt.

Lovebug had to do a little pre-quilt inspection.  I think she approves.

Cat is NOT out of the Bag:

This is the bag in which my mom is keeping her crocheted baby afghan project (for the aforementioned baby girl).  Yeah, who knows why cats do what they do, but I had to giggle when I saw Lovebug make herself comfortable in the bag.

It's Vegas Baby!

Thursday will find me flying out of Oklahoma City to spend the weekend with my childhood friend, Michele in "Fabulous Las Vegas".  My trip is courtesy of Michele, who works in the airline biz and was able to procure me a free ticket.  (Sometimes it is who you know!)

The trip is a two-fer me.  First of all, I'm always glad to get together with Michele.  We've known each other since we were six.  We can go years without seeing one another (last time was in 2003) and months without talking, but it's always like we just spoke yesterday.  I'm so excited!

And after living in Vegas for two years myself.  It will be wonderful to reacquaint myself with its vibe ~ although I suspect Michele and I will mostly be hanging at her place.  Once you've lived there, you just don't really feel the need to spend much time in the casinos.

The city can be beautiful to look at.  The view from the hill behind my first house looked much like this ~ although a bit further away.  (The last time I was there though I discovered they'd leveled the hill and built houses in it's place.  Only a memory in my head now.)

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!


  1. Those faries will really make a pretty quilt. Your so right at 10 years old girls change so much, I have a 10 yr old granddaugter. I've never been to Vegas but I get to go in June for a convention!! Can't wait. Have a nice reunion with her friend.

  2. I'm not a big fan of panels either, but I can see why you had to have those fairies. They are so pretty. I love the colors and I love the fabrics you pulled to audition! That is going to be a really great quilt.

    Cats. Silly creatures.

    And Vegas, baby! Awesome! My SIL works for an airline and sometimes has spare buddy passes that we can use to fly somewhere interesting. Have a great time!

    xo -E

  3. The fairies will be delightful as a baby quilt! Great idea to use the panel prints for that.

    Sounds like fun, your trip to Vegas to reconnect with a friend. What a great getaway! Have fun!

  4. They are going to be lovely in a baby quilt.
    Lovebug is just like Bailey, a bag or anything with an opening is prize real estate for a cat!
    Have fun in Vegas!

  5. Water water everywhere but not a drop to drink! DO YOU EVER SLOW DOWN???

    1. Apparently not. So blogger has now added a feature like LiveJournal making it possible to reply to comments on the blog.

  6. Oh, that will be a really great quilt for the new baby.
    I went to Las Vegas last year for the first time and it will be my last. Too much chaos for me.
    Hope you have a good time.


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