Monday, December 13, 2010

Miscellaneous Monday


Although I do not care for the paint job in our new house, the wood work is absolutely lovely.  Unfortunately, it is not really noticeable at this point, because the wood kind of fades into the colored walls.  Although I didn't get much of the slider (sliding glass door) in the picture below, if you look carefully, you'll see that the door is framed by wood.

Dining area BEFORE
Notice how the wood work pops with white walls?  (Please ignore our fancy window covering.  We're waiting for Home Depot to install our vertical blinds.)

Dining area AFTER
Speaking of blinds, normally we would install them ourselves, but we have a window over a stairway that we are unable to reach, and since Home Depot would do a whole house for $118, we decided to let them install the three blinds that we need. 


My mom is starting a new quilt.  She is making it for her cousin who was so helpful in regard to our move.  Naturally, the quilt inspector could not let her sally forth alone.

Let me make sure you're doing it right.

This fabric is delightfully relaxing.

It's Curtains For Me:

The previous tenants liked dark colors--dark paint and dark curtains.  I'll admit that I don't see the appeal, but perhaps the colors felt cozy to them?

These curtains were in my bedroom.  My bedroom is in the basement.  While the window lets in a lot of a light for a basement window, it's not exactly glaring.  Yet these curtains could block out the searing desert sun at high noon.  When I wake up in the morning, I have to look at the clock to ascertain if it's daylight yet, that's how dark these curtains make the room.  The only good thing about them is that they make the tan paint look light.

A quick little sewing project and I had new curtains.  You can't imagine how wonderful it was when I woke up this morning to find daylight coming in through these light-colored lovelies.  You can also see that the tan paint isn't as light as it looks, however, it is one of the lightest colors in the house.

I intend to make some beaded tie backs for the curtains like Mrs. P at Quilting in My Pyjamas made for hers.  I got permission from Mrs. P. to use one of her pictures of the lovely beaded tie-backs she made, but Blogger will not let me load it.  Not sure what's up with that.  Maybe Mrs. P.'s blog is snubbing mine?  Trying to keep this bit of loveliness all to itself?  So I encourage you to click on the link for a bit of eye-candy.


  1. You go girl! Looks like you are getting your new nest all fixed up. I am jealous. I still don't have my things. Because of having surgery on our trip out west to get them everything went kaput. But hopefully when we go out to AZ in Jan it will all come back with us!
    Love what you have done with the place.

  2. I clicked on the link to the tiebacks, and they're going to look fabulous with your new pretty curtains! The new paint in the kitchen does really make the woodwork pop. Nice job!

  3. you are busy at work and in no time at all you will have it all to your liking.

  4. The wood trim is pretty, and looks nice next to your new colors on the wall. Nothing like making a house into your home! The tiebacks should be a nice addition, and not too hard to accomplish.

  5. Some people take drugs to alter their mood. You've managed to do so with a couple of gallons of paint!

  6. It's looking good! Love the new curtains, too!! I like daylight streaming through my windows....

  7. You go girl...Ive had a double sliding door with nothing up at it for about 7 years.You're kicking butt!

    The painting makes it look like a completely different house. I bet you're doing the happy dance.

    Im sorry Blogger didnt want you to upload the photo. My blog would never snob your blog . My blog loves your blog.

  8. I just love white walls, and yours look so much better now that you have covered over that yuck colour.
    You can send your curtains over here. We don't have daylight savings in this neck of the woods, so it's light in my bedroom at 4.30am in the middle of summer. I love daylight streaming through my window, but not quite that early.
    Love Mrs P's tiebacks, they are very cute and will look great.
    The quilt inspector looks well and truly settled in to the new house.

  9. Oh, pretty curtains! And I loved (giggle) your title for that section! Very clever. And your painting job looks fabulous!

    Completely unrelated to that, I saw that Winter Sunshine hanging you did for P. over at The Way I Sew It and I have to say that your feathers are so, so gorgeous! You did a terrific quilting job. Yay you! The colors are so beautiful!

    xo -El

    P.S. Can't wait to see your bead tie-backs! If they're anything like Mrs. P's, they'll be fabulous!

  10. You're making great strides with this house! Love the new colors and wow that's a great price for getting blinds installed. Your kitty is SO cute.

    I have vintage barkcloth curtains in my bedroom, and they do make it very dark - but I put sheers in, and just open my curtains at night before I get into bed. I LOVE waking up to bright light.


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