Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday Miscellaneous

The Button Bandwagon:

I've jumped on the button bandwagon.  Everybody climb aboard.  Seriously, anybody who would like to have my button feel free to take the code, but don't feel obligated.  Mostly, I was interested to see if I could actually make a button.  Since the directions and the code are easily had with a little bit of Googling and some tweaking, it wasn't overly difficult.  Although HTML is essentially a foreign language to me, I enjoyed doing it.  Kind of like exercising the few Spanish words and phrases I can put together.


The utility room is done.
Before (sort of)

We've moved on to the kitchen.  I failed to take a before picture, but will certainly have an after picture.  Yep, you're going to get the blow by blow painted run down.  But I'm not complaining.  The effort is worth the result.

Speaking with Authority:

Have you ever been fooled by the Voice of Authority?  It happened to us the other day in regard to having paint mixed at Wal-mart.  No, we're not using straight Arctic Blast white (my name; not theirs).  The color is called Swiss Almond, and is essentially white with a bit of warmth, for lack of a better description.  The first gallon mixed was lovely.  It required a gallon of "Base One" and few drips of other colors.  When we went to have paint mixed the next time, Wal-mart was out of Base One.  We were told to check back in a couple of days.  No biggie since there are plenty of walls that need priming.  When we returned there was still no Base One, but the gal who helped us said, "You don't have to use Base One, you can use white.  Some people don't know that."  She used no uncertain phrases that would have caused me to question, like, "I think it's all right to use white instead of Base One."  Nope it was just a flat out statement of fact.  Not knowing much about paint, I listened to her Voice of Authority.  That was a mistake.  In retrospect, I remember wondering in the back of my mind that if the two are interchangeable, why would Base One even be necessary.  However, the Voice of Authority trumped my doubt.

Skip to today's painting session in the kitchen.  I'm doing the edges nearing the ceiling using the bit left from the first properly mixed can of paint, and my mom is rolling using the newly mixed paint.  At about the halfway point, my mom steps back, and says, "Does my paint look different from yours just because it's not as dry yet?"  It didn't take much studying to figure out that the two paints were different.

Wal-mart graciously refunded our money, and as luck would have it the Base One had come in.  We will finish the kitchen that we thought we'd finish yesterday today.


  1. A very cool button you made.
    I am glad to hear you got the paint thing figured out. You don't want to do all that work and it not match.

  2. Hey, I like your button! Now if I ever make one, I'll know who to call on for help. :)

    Your utility room looks very clean and fresh with its newly painted walls. I would have done exactly the same with the Voice of Authority claiming the two things were equal. Live and learn, I guess!

  3. I have not gotten paint at Wal-Mart and I guess I didn't even know they mixed paint there! I normally get my paint at Lowe's and they make mistakes too and sometimes you have to wait for a long long time to get the paint mixed.

  4. At least they refunded you. Shame they can't compensate you for the time and effort wasted though. Muppets!

  5. Love the button! I'll be back to swipe it in the next few days as Im just popping in before work this morning.

    Noever listen to a kid who has never painted a thing in her life. Mr. P was told that we could use acrylic on our steel door frames - I disagreed- he went with the advice given to him by the Bunnings twit and now needs to completely repaint....

    Love the fact you're making painting progress. Looking fab! So much better than green and gold!

  6. Love the button, now I know who to ask for any techno problems I have!!!!!

    Grrr to the Wal-Mart Voice of Authority girl, at least they gave you a refund.

    You are definitely making progress on the painting, and it does look so much better.

  7. Cute button! Sorry about the paining; it is a chore to start with & having to do it twice is a shame.

    xo -El

  8. Love your button, I'll add it to my blog when I'm done commenting. Oh that Voice of Authority - too many use it! Glad you got the right stuff now!

  9. I consider the VOICE OF AUTHORITY akin to the Jedi Mindtrick and use it myself when its beneficial to do so. Having identified it as such (even in retrospect) sets you apart. We ALL want to believe it when we fall for it. I suppose its a component our cynic mechanism.

    I saw your button for the first time several days ago and wondered aloud at my desk, "Huh." As I was surprised I hadn't previously noticed it. Now I understand why. While I've already linked your blog to mine (I have a pretty high Google page rank which should help your traffic through indexing) I have no facility for a button - which brings me to my next thought - I'd love to include it in a future post about...YOU! (I love introducing new commenters to my readers.)

    While all this doesn't exactly hinge on photographs I hope to take during my next trip, I'm already planning them out in my head (tripod + cloud sculpture + all of us). I have twice as much time to spend this time around :)

  10. HEHEE,
    Mixing paint is a tricky business. You do need to start with the same base if you want the same outcome, the measurements of other colors have to be the same as well.
    I repaint our house every year and we have had many houses.
    I love the button. ;)

  11. That's too bad about your paint. It's bad enough painting once without having to do it again. I used to like to paint but after doing the whole house 2 years ago I think I'm still burnt out!
    I love your new button! Good job!
    xo, Karen


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