Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sunshine in Winter

With all of the turbulence of the last four months, I haven't had much opportunity to work on, much less complete, projects.  However, I did get one small (approximately 16" square) wall-hanging done, Sunshine in Winter.  It was a Christmas gift for P. at The Way I Sew It, who lives in Wisconsin.

I conceived of the project last summer when I was still living in sunny Nevada, and knew that P. would face a long Wisconsin winter.  For as long as I've been making the New York Beauty blocks, I've thought to myself that they look like sunbursts.  However, it wasn't until I tried to think of something cheery for P., that it occurred to me to try the New York Beauties in sunshiny colors.  (You all may have noticed that I tend to be a jewel tone, cool colors kind of gal.)

Finishing up the wall-hanging was a bright spot in amongst the trials of getting settled in a new home--a process that as yet continues.  I felt such satisfaction when I shipped off Sunshine in Winter.  Although the wall-hanging was wrapped in Christmas paper, I was secretly hoping that P. wouldn't wait until Christmas to open it.   Being a woman after my own heart, she didn't let the Christmas paper slow her down one bit, and opened it upon arrival. 

There's nothing like giving something quilted to another quilter.  Quilters know how to show appreciation for a quilty gift.  P. blogged about it here.  Her enjoyment has me walking on air.


  1. I just love-love-love it, Michelle! Thanks again for sending it! It really brightens the room and makes me smile. No matter how short the days of December, there will always be sunshine with this little quilty on my wall!

  2. There is always a certain, indescribable pleasure when giving to someone. Even more so when giving to someone who knows and will appreciate the effort...even if it is only a chocolate or a flower.
    It does bring a sense of "moving forward" when one can finish something, when all around you is in chaos. Determination is a great motivator in these times.
    That is a lovely mini-quilt with a lot of "happy" colours. Great job.

  3. it sure is pretty!

  4. Michelle, you really did a beautiful job on this wall hanging. I love the colors in the sunburst and the the turquoise is such a cool (as in feeling) contrast. Your machine quilting, especially the feathers, is gorgeous! What a lovely gift!

    xo -El

  5. It really is beautiful Michelle, and such a lovely thing to do!

    Im sending you all of my quilts that need feathers done from here on in...

  6. There's nothing like giving something quilted to another quilter.

    I keep a bottle of what I call "ceremonial" Scotch. It was given to me as a gift and is too expensive for me to replace were I to drink it, so I don't. I only share it with other Scotch drinkers who've never had a finger of great Scotch - It would be wasted on those who don't appreciate the drink. But the enjoyment of watching others enjoy my Scotch far outweighs anything I would get by drinking it myself.

    Its very pretty, to be sure. But after I saw the close-up on her page yesterday, I reexamined it in further detail and was amazed at the almost hidden complexity of the piece. Very nicely done, ma'am! It truly boggles my mind.

  7. that wall hanging looks great over at P.'s place. It will definitely cheer her up with all that snow.

  8. Oh Michelle - that is STUNNING - what a good friend you are!


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