Monday, December 20, 2010

Monday Miscellaneous

Quilters Know How to Spoil Other Quilters:

And spoil me, P. from The Way I Sew It did!   I was the lucky recipient of one of her adorable little clutches.  We've all been admiring the pictures of her clutches, but seeing first hand all the work and care she put into these, well it's just darn impressive.

See, even the inside has such nice detailing.  I love the musical print she used for the inside (I don't know if she remembers, but I happened to send her this one--how cool is that?).  And it's got pockets for carrying your driver's license and credit cards.

Since the purse I use isn't much larger than this it will be easy for me to make the switch.  The clutch is so pretty, I almost hate to use it, but then I've had people say that about quilts, and I really want my quilts to be used, so I'll be using this clutch.

And pillowcases!

I love the way she made the edging on each one from a different fabric.  Such a delightful bit of whimsy. 


In the sewing room, it's so important to have the light right.  We've been struggling with that.  The house came with these light fixtures.  They're pretty, but the frosted glass cuts out more light than one would expect.  The fixture holds two bulbs.  We tried changing the two bulbs to brighter bulbs.  Not good enough.  We tried changing them to CFLs called "Daylight".  It's bright, but weird.  Kind of like the light you would expect standing next to a blue O class star.  Made me feel creepy.

Then we decided to change out the light fixtures.  There are two in the sewing room and we managed to get one done.  This arrangement is much better:  3 bulbs, uncovered, and we can point them any direction we'd like.  It was our first time changing out a light fixture, and I must admit to feeling a bit of accomplishment.

The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand:

Every once in awhile I get it into my head to read a novel considered classic instead of my usual mystery or sci-fi genres.  Apparently Ayn Rand has somewhat of a following.  People either really like her work or really hate it.  Their opinions seem to be based on some philosophy she is supposedly promoting through her novels.  Eric, my cousin, and I had neither one read any Ayn Rand, and so he bought The Fountainhead, read it and passed it along to me.

I've made it only slightly past halfway and have put it down.  It's looking very unlikely that I will resume reading it.  I can't tell you how rare that is.  First off, if she's promoting any particular philosophy I don't see it.  I'm still at a loss about all the hullabaloo surrounding that issue.  I'd say it was because I haven't finished the book, but Eric has, and he doesn't see it either.  My reason for discontinuing the book is that I simply despise all the main characters.  I've found that I really don't care what happens to them.

Now, what I'm wondering is have any of you read it?  What are your thoughts on this book?

Redecorating the Blog:

Following in the footsteps of others, I've redecorated my blog.  Honestly, I'm not sure I'm pleased with it.  It seems a bit loud and busy to me.  However, I'm also a person who takes awhile to get used to change, so this often clouds my opinion.  We'll see if this remains or not.


  1. I haven't read that author. I know what you mean though sometimes I start a book and can't get past the first chapter and put it down and never pick it back up except to take it back to the library! I have had quite a few like that lately as I have run out of books at home once again and making the every other week trip to the library trying to find new authors that I like is not working out well.
    Cute bag.

  2. I'm so glad you like the clutch and the pillowcases! Yes, I remembered you gave me the musical instrument fabric. :)

    I have often wondered about The Fountainhead and, what's the other one, Atlas Shrugged. Obviously, I haven't read either so I can't comment, but it's always interesting to hear what appeals and what doesn't about a book.

    I like the new blog look!

  3. I know what you mean about bad lighting. I love what you have done about it in your sewing room. That's what I need to do. I love our new house...but the lighting is awful in every room. Where did you get that three way fixture?

  4. What fun pillowcases.
    Great idea with the lights. Those should help a lot.

  5. I like the blog changes Michelle. Lilac is definitely you.

    That P is just so sweet. Lucky you for receiving such thoughtful gifts.

    My sewing room lighting is just the pits. Maybe I should look at swapping the light fitting too (or buying a really HUGE lamp!)

  6. Lucky you! I have one of P's bags, too, and just love it! And I totally agree with you about books - life is too short to read a book that you really don't like! I've heard other people say that about Ayn Rand's stuff, so I don't think you're alone! I did the same thing with several books lately, and ended up re-reading an "old friend"!

    And I think your blog looks great! Give it a week or so, and if you still aren't sure, change it up again!

  7. Very cute bag you got. I like it! Those pillow cases are just so darling!
    The lights are a big issue in our house to. Unfortunately we are renting, so we can't change much of it. I prefer using the spotlights, like you have now. They are just the best.
    I have not read those books before, so I can't help you on that front. Sorry.

  8. Darling clutch and pillowcases!! What a lovely friend. Good for you on changing out the lights - I really struggle with good lighting. Or should that be bad lighting, lol.

    I read Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged when I was about 12, and loved it. Read it over and over. Didn't much like The Fountainhead though. I'd like to read Atlas Shrugged again, I think it's very timely for what's happening to our country. I understand a movie is being made of it, maybe you can wait for that. The book is quite long! Your blog looks wonderful.

  9. I really like your new lights - and the gifts from P! what a great week so far :)

    I read Atlas Shrugged in high school philosophy - about 1100 pages, if I remember correctly. In it, her main character launches into her personal views - a philosophy she created and called objectivism. He performs his speech in the middle - so I just skipped that part - mostly because it was pretty boring.

    You can read about her on wiki if you're interested.

    Thanks for sharing all of your house projects!

  10. The clutch is awesome. Good luck with all of the house projects!

  11. When I was an undergraduate, a friend of mine gave me a copy of The Fountainhead back in the late 60's. I loved the book back then, but I don't remember why. Looks like I may have to reread it. Thanks for the nudge.

    Kay Ahr in Reno/Sparks, Nevada USA

  12. Lovely goodies you've got there, Michelle! I love the new look on your blog. :) Very fresh!
    Happy New Year. :)


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